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  1. Working/Broken VST-i's
  2. Multi out VST-i templates
  3. MIDI Split is poorly conceived
  4. Houston MIDI Map
  5. Strange behavior with MIDI CC and midi items
  6. Configuring Multi-Output VSTis
  7. Darkstar's "Configuring Multi-Output VSTis" Discussion Area
  8. Electostudio free synths
  9. Midi notes placed ahead of time
  10. New BCR2000 control surface plugin available
  11. Does Reaper need more Midi Love?
  12. Should we have an "Enhanced for Midi" Track type
  13. Motif-ES reabank Uploaded
  14. New - A place for Reabank MIDI Patches!
  15. MIDI error: The following MIDI inputs could not be opened
  16. MIDI Editor
  17. Miroslav Philharmonik no sound on playback
  18. New DDP Export
  19. Miroslav Orchestra and basic midi question
  20. Mackie Control Klinke v0.8
  21. Always open midi editor docked
  22. Midi app for splitting keyboard?
  23. MIDI Editor help - I'm almost sure I've asked this before...
  24. iPhone/iPad owners - here's a couple of "controllers" for you
  25. A BCF2000/Klinke question?
  26. Producing MIDI in REAPER *Pre-Order and Raffle*
  27. Native Instruments free SKANNER
  28. send midi to a 2nd track and record
  29. Reaktor 5.6.2 question: Load 3rd party
  30. Exporting midi files.
  31. Whats your method for selecting MIDI CC lanes?
  32. Triggering MIDI Sequence
  33. BUG? Reset CC on stop/play
  34. duplicate midi note ?
  35. Merge-Record MIDI
  36. Tell me your experience with MIDI.
  37. Midi Keyboard not recognized
  38. Default Midi Device
  39. Cant hear MIDI tracks but level meter moves
  40. Recording MIDI (usins VSTi's & E-MU XBoard 61)
  41. OSC Wrapper for BCF2000
  42. OSC bug reports and feature requests
  43. Multiple VST's per midi controller keyboard
  44. Remote MIDI controllers and parameter feedback (via OSC/Pd)
  45. Midi Controler
  46. Midi Note Names
  47. Midi Sync Issues
  48. MIDI between 2 Reapers
  49. Pattern Config files Osc OSX Lion
  50. trying to get OSC parameter feedback with Usine
  51. MIDI Question
  52. mtc timecode sync
  53. Configuring TouchOSC to work with Reaper
  54. OSC practical usage
  55. Modded LogicTouch preset (TouchOSC iDevice only)
  56. Midi Keyboard Control with GTR
  57. Whats terrible about Reapers MIDI?
  58. A utility to fix midi names / assignments?
  59. Problems using a midi note event to trigger a plugin bypass
  60. How to speed up a MIDI part
  61. DFH/Computer keyboard as MIDI
  62. Analogue Drums - V-Drum Demos
  63. M-Audio Venom and ReaControlMidi
  64. Osc Help....
  65. Copying of midi items
  66. Paste MIDI creating new item
  67. Osc for android thread....
  68. Weird Issue with Kontakt
  69. Reaper and Proteus XV problem
  70. ARRrrrgh!!! Need help with EZ Drummer and Reaper.
  71. Recording Choices for MIDI _
  72. Newb Question - Virtual Midi Keyboard and VSTi
  73. TouchOSC layouts requested
  74. Lemur Osc Layout
  75. Editing Midi files for Organ usage
  76. MIDI/OSC controlable music/sample player
  77. Ezdrummer drum map
  78. time adjust for midi?
  79. EZPlayer Pro
  80. Record: MIDI problems
  81. Midi insert question
  82. I think OSC warrants it's own sub-forum
  83. OSC.....
  84. MIDI Control Strangeness
  85. Dumb question
  86. Ok, so what are defaulted OSC?
  87. Midi Explorer?
  88. MIDI Velocity to Control FX
  89. Sysex blocker ?
  90. Reaper MIDI output to lighting control
  91. Reaper keeps playing VELOCITY value as a NOTE number
  92. Midiman and Focusrite 2i2
  93. Drum Pad Disappearing Act
  94. how to edit drum hits
  95. OSC (Protocol) for Dummies (like me)
  96. I still can't audition my EZ drummer loops without hitting the play button on Reaper.
  97. Reapers Midi is sometimes frustratingly baffling!!!
  98. Mapping Transport Panel in Axiom 25.
  99. Axiom 25 - Instrument mode?
  100. Problem: Band Hero Drums don't send MIDI OFF
  101. Problems with BCF-2000 controller
  102. OSC (Open Sound Control)
  103. I need explanations of MIDI I/O parameters
  104. MIDI toolbar - missing buttons?
  105. OSC for OLD Tablet PC?
  106. chase cc per track
  107. chase cc per track
  108. thanks you sexy REAPER people
  109. What is the format for ReaStream MIDI?
  110. Can't delete midi notes from Addictive Drums AD Pattern
  111. Dear Justin and Reaper Devs....
  112. Still not fixed
  113. Step by step midi playback
  114. Maschine: recording midi into Reaper.
  115. how do I translate mackie control protocol to OSC?
  116. Midi editing question
  117. Editing MIDI without messing things up?
  118. TouchOSC for Android with Reaper
  119. NEED Help! Axiom 49 wont stop sending control messages
  120. Reaper & OSC Video
  121. can someone explain how to setup TouchOSC?
  122. Reaper MidiControl?
  123. Selecting/moving MIDI notes
  124. How to connect iPad as USB midi controller
  125. Splitting Axiom keyboard into zones?
  126. need help using action command id's with touchOSC
  127. VMorph like for Android or Ipad
  128. Software syntheseizer that can load wav file ?
  129. Control Reaper via Android phone
  130. hlp: How to see multiple tracks in MIDI editor
  131. Problems with TouchOSC LogicPad layout
  132. Link from parameter: LAG slider for CC smoothing
  133. Midi notes randomly do not play?
  134. problem with hold notes
  135. Help! Newbie mouse midi problem...
  136. Can't Get Reaper plug-ins to remember Touch OSC assignments...
  137. Good VST MIDI Seq / Drum Grid to use with Reaper
  138. For TouchOSC+iPad users: a basic layout
  139. Reaper 4.2x OSC Support
  140. Early ReaperPAD OSC
  141. Export midi files not recognised by Cubase 6.5
  142. OSC to MIDI
  143. What is this MIDI message?
  144. cc lane editing not acting as reported in user guide
  145. Q: MIDI Bus identifiers
  146. How to create 'Solo' button in MIDI editor
  147. Routing MIDI CC data to different MIDI Channels
  148. OSC & Logicpad question
  149. mod wheel as hihat control
  150. Combine midi tracks script ?
  151. OSC and FX Parameter control
  152. NI Kore Player : Monitoring Issues
  154. PureData info-Could someone please...?
  155. Midi notes in place possible when......
  156. KORG MS2000 Question
  157. How to choose correct host ip for OSC control surface
  158. OSC ? Sounds nice, but...
  159. MIDI Ribbon Controller
  160. FX for recording velocity to Midi
  161. Almost constant hanging notes with Diva
  162. Midiot struggling with theory and Lemur Editor
  163. Default MIDI note velocity
  164. What does 'keyswitch' mean????
  165. Re: using action numbers as identifiers for OSC control surface messages
  166. Windows-based tablet as Control Surface?
  167. multiple bcf2000 with undo button?
  168. Help with osc needed..
  169. Where are the MIDI instruments?
  170. osc/midi vst plugins
  171. _____
  172. _____
  174. Combining multiple tracks of midi to one track
  175. sending a constant "midi note on" to a vst
  176. midi question newbie
  177. Fishman Midi Guitar
  178. Grateful for any help w triggering Roland R8
  179. Number of supported MIDI outs
  180. Affordable and easy to set up touch screen surface controller ?
  181. midi recording techniques
  182. midi clock send issue
  183. OSC
  184. Update midi editor settings for all midi items in project?
  185. Alternative workflow for MIDI power users?
  186. New way of looking at MIDIs tumbling blocks
  187. You Rock Guitar YRG
  188. what's the Syntax for Triggering Actions in osc?
  189. Advice on a VSTi
  190. reaper/osc/MaxMSP
  191. Where can I find some good tutorials for Reason and Reaper rewired
  192. oxygen 49 controller- a little help requested
  193. Recording 'to'
  194. Prodif 32 soundcard drivers and cables
  195. Move Program Change events with Notes & CCs?
  196. Analysing a MIDI file
  197. Armed note insert in the Midi Editor
  198. Roland TD9, Superior Drummer 2.0, and Alesis USB to MIDI setup
  199. Broken Action in Midi Editor?
  200. Arming Midi Ed Custom Actions?
  201. chasing per item is kicking my ass
  202. Reaper and OSC - Send MIDI events?
  203. TouchOSC and Reaper (tutorial video)
  204. action list help please
  205. using a new keyboard
  206. Lemur mapping
  207. MIDI cable Spec
  208. My list of MIDI Feature requests (over 15)
  209. midi timing problem
  210. midi timing problem
  211. Basic question about customizing midi notes
  212. MIDI where is the event?
  213. TouchOSC and X-Y pad
  214. .sfz drum samples
  215. Could do with Android users to test very preliminary OSC app....
  216. recording on-the-fly changes
  217. Selecting note selects mod wheel issue
  218. Reaper and Reason Midi Sync Help!!!
  219. Getting my You Rock Guitar to Work
  220. Liine Lemur OSC Mapping
  221. Moving selections of a midi ALONG WITH tempo map
  222. Can Not Change MIDI controller channel assignment
  223. Flat keys/note names?
  224. trouble with midi file tempo
  225. Piano roll note preview when moving note
  226. BFD2 + Axiom 25/61 Note On/Off Issues
  227. Midi editing
  228. Reaper Roland AX
  229. AKAI MPK MINI no inputs
  230. Midi Clocks
  231. MIDI - Continous control of pitch outside pitch bend range?
  232. PLEASE HELP -- Can't get touchOSC to send to reaper from my ipad
  233. M Audio Oxygen 49
  234. preventing all MIDI CC messages except learned ones
  235. Arturia Minimoog for free
  236. OSC plugin parameter change
  237. MIDI notes stick
  238. MAX/MSP on sale ...
  239. Help needed with Padre's LFO generator
  240. new touch OSC layout (work in progress)
  241. can automation lane send midi cc ?
  242. I need help with MIDI bypass controls
  243. Auto select touched track on iPad via OSC
  244. Live Performance Possibilities with Reaper/TouchOSC and Hardware?
  245. Ipad AC-7 Core setup question
  246. midi takes
  247. how to record multiple layers on a midi track?
  248. MIDI Mapper for OSX?
  249. MIDI over fiber
  250. Editing Midi Pitch CC data