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Automation System Panel - Display and Function Triggers Issue Tools
issueid=2893 08-21-2010 12:03 PM
Human being with feelings
Automation System Panel - Display and Function Triggers
Control a powerful automation system from a simple panel before you move on to configure your own controls for it

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Discussion Thread ( old discussion thread )

  • Default behaviour produces the same results as the old automation system in v4.5 (July 29th 2012).
  • Safety of your existing automation data
  • Easy setup
  • Easy to write exactly what you need to where you need it
  • Easy to learn as you go

Step 1 - The Starter Panel
Some additional notes:
The trim option for Latch, Touch and Write is right below those three mode buttons. The volume fader becomes an offset control.

The large Time Selection option is activated in this example. Envelope data will thus only be written to the time selection, even if playback starts before the time selection. In Latch mode, once touched by any control, they will stay at that value, but only in the time selection boundaries will any data be written.

In Touch mode, the user can change parameters, and they will stay changed and no longer be controlled by data from the envelopes lanes for as long as the user keeps those controlls touched. However, only inside the time seleciton will those changes be recorded. The same applies to WRITE.

This option gives the users the capability to find the levels or parameter values before the time selection, which will then be written only when transport reaches the start of the time selection.

Match and Join are helper commands. The Match and Join buttons only light up when the command can be used. Match is used primarily in Latch mode. Match'ing out is the same as letting go of the controls in Touch mode.

Reaper will remember which envelopes were being written to in the previous pass.

The Join command will engage writing to those envelopes lanes once again, even if those lanes are hidden. The Auto Join option will command Reaper to resume writing to the parameters it was writing to in the previous pass, starting where the user last stopped the transport.

Step 2 - Preview takes over

Control Panel

View and/or download an SVG version of the v57 panel (127kB). SVG is a scalable vector graphics format that can be opened and viewed with Firefox and Inkscape.

This panel is meant to illustrate all the required actions and features that the user would require quick access to, before any external controllers are put to use.

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Issue Type Feature Request
Project REAPER
Category Audio recording and playback
Status Suggested
Priority 1 - Highest
Suggested Version 3.66
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02-28-2011 02:24 PM
Human being with feelings
This is basically completely useless for people who don't own high end control surfaces, right? Or is there any argument this is useful for anyone else?
02-28-2011 07:04 PM
Human being with feelings
Originally Posted by Xenakios
This is basically completely useless for people who don't own high end control surfaces, right? Or is there any argument this is useful for anyone else?
Quite on the contrary. This is a reasonable substitute for an actual control surface.

It provides state readout and button access to all the necessary functions. A control surface or something equivalent just provides this in a more ergonomic fashion to a degree. That, and this is actually low-brow stuff for most consoles. We're starting with the simple things in automation life.
04-12-2012 12:33 PM
I guess it's a good idea to repeat the link to the
discussion thread
down here :)

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