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Automation System Panel - Display and Function Triggers Issue Tools
issueid=2893 08-21-2010 12:03 PM
Human being with feelings
Automation System Panel - Display and Function Triggers
Control a powerful automation system from a simple panel before you move on to configure your own controls for it

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Discussion Thread ( old discussion thread )

I've posted a survery via Survery Monkey for the mixers amongst us, though everyone is of course welcome to participate, provided you answer the third question at the very least :) .

The survery asks three simple questions, namely what system you are using to mix, what features of it you are particularly fond of, and what kind of improvements you'd like to see.

https://de.surveymonkey.com/s/L9JHZQY (still ongoing as of June 10th 2014)

Those answers will help in improving the proposed design.

  • Default behaviour produces the same results as the old automation system in v4.5 (July 29th 2012).
  • Safety of your existing automation data
  • Easy setup
  • Easy to write exactly what you need to where you need it
  • Easy to learn as you go

Step 1 - The Starter Panel
Left to right.

Automation modes(including trim) come first. Easy.

"Time Selection" option.
This is a copy of the range modes from DP. Stuff is only written inside the time selection, which is great if you want to approach an area with with faders set to a bunch of levels but only need to write to the time selection.

Match and Join are helper commands. Match is for Latch mode is like letting go of the controls in Touch mode. Auto Join saves the user hitting the Join button when they want it that way.

The Write and Read enable sections are easy to understand. Great for focusing on stuff with the WRITE mode for example.

Step 2 - Preview takes over

Control Panel

This panel is meant to illustrate all the required actions and features that the user would require quick access to, before any external controllers are put to use.

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Project REAPER
Category Audio recording and playback
Status Suggested
Priority 1 - Highest
Suggested Version 3.66
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02-28-2011 02:24 PM
Human being with feelings
This is basically completely useless for people who don't own high end control surfaces, right? Or is there any argument this is useful for anyone else?
02-28-2011 07:04 PM
Human being with feelings
Originally Posted by Xenakios
This is basically completely useless for people who don't own high end control surfaces, right? Or is there any argument this is useful for anyone else?
Quite on the contrary. This is a reasonable substitute for an actual control surface.

It provides state readout and button access to all the necessary functions. A control surface or something equivalent just provides this in a more ergonomic fashion to a degree. That, and this is actually low-brow stuff for most consoles. We're starting with the simple things in automation life.
04-12-2012 12:33 PM
I guess it's a good idea to repeat the link to the
discussion thread
down here :)

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