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Default Using Reaper as a Multitrack recorder slaved to DAW on separate computer

I am using Reaper as a multitrack recorder on a 2011 MacBook air with a Behringer XR18 as an interface for both audio input and midi clock. The master is Logic Pro X running on a 2012 Mac mini.

1. I set Reaper to SPP (song position pointer) slave sync and hit the record button.
2. Reaper awaits the incoming timing message from Logic.
3. I hit play on Logic and Reaper kicks in either half a bar or more afterwards.
4. I stop Logic.
5. I hard rewind everything and repeat the play procedure
6. The same thing happens as in line 3...

...timing is SPOT ON each and every time...it is just that Reaper starts recording at that same point sometime between half a bar or more afterwards.

I tried the same set of procedures substituting Ableton Live for Logic to see if there was a difference...there isn't...exact same thing.

This all leads me to believe that I must make a settings change in Reaper to resolve this if possible. I just don't know what specifically to do. I am new to Reaper (I've been using Logic for 20 years)

HELP Please...and Thanks in Advance!
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reaper pre-roll settings etc in Metronome menu?
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I'll have to try it out, thanks for the suggestion!
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I recall something similar syncing reaper to an MCP sampler and It always took a few seconds to 'sync' then after that things were fine.

To align project time could try setting a negative value for 'project start' in reaper project settings that matches the sync time. (Not certain of this)

Or just cater for this sync time in your logic project(s) to allow a bar or two for reaper to 'get with the program' which what I think I ended up doing,
which is best done from your master /logic, e.g have a 2 bar preroll set up in logoc that gets everything synced then recording starts. Utilising play/pause on logic also worth a look.

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