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Default Reaper on a Mac Mini?

I don't remember seeing this question answered, but has anyone experience of using Reaper on a Mac Mini? How is the performance? I'm not talking 64 tracks of audio with lots of FX, I'm just an amateur at home. So the requirements don't need to be as high.


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It runs on a mac mini powerpc pretty well. As you specified no high track counts or fx, but it does run.
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I'm in the same boat. Mac mini, seems ok but i'm getting weird latency issues which i'm trying to sort through. May go back to protools
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Running a late 2012 quad core i7 16Gb mini for 3 years now, works great, track counts usually under 50 or so, lots of FX, etc.
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Late 2012 Mac Mini with 16GB RAM here as well. Did a project with 96 tracks and loads of effects and bussing. No hiccups! Ran it like it did every other project. I did however, run a higher buffer of about 1024 samples. Other than the longer load times, I don't see you running into any issues.
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I've been running a new Mac Mini since this summer and have had no issues.
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Default 2012 Mini Mac

16gig ram i7 does great up to 60 tracks or so. I think as long as you don't pack down the 3rd party CPU hungry plugins your pretty good. I recently made a 91 track and it was getting a little sketchy. Stuttering.
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I have a mac mini late 2014, maxed out specs and reaper runs great - better than pro tools. I'm a full-time sound designer and my home rig is this mac mini. In some ways I prefer it to my older G5 at work.

Also, I'd say that if you're maxing out your machine, it's prudent to take a look at your project and ask why you really need so many tracks and plugins. Do they all serve a unique purpose? A common beginner mistake is to just keep adding tracks and plugins to fill out the mix. It may do that, but it really will result in a lesser mix, much of the time.

I think in general, as your skills and ear develop, you actually can get by with lesser machines. Take a listen to some material you really like and think about how you could reproduce that with as few tracks and plugins as you possible can. I bet your mac mini can handle that. Also, Reaper has a TON of workflow / resource management tools that help you get the most out of what you have. (I'd say Reaper may be best in class for that.)
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I agree with the rest of the thread. I have the last i7 model they made, upgraded it to 16G of RAM. I mostly use a PC with Windows 10, but sometimes use the Mac. Reaper and everything runs well. I edit some video using Final Cut Pro X on it as well.
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