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Default VB-303 struggling

I see that some Reaper users have this TB303 emulation and it has good reports on the sound although it's quirky to use.

They ain't kidding I've struggled for hours and eventually got some sounds from it but there's one problem that's a show stopper. Using Host sync mode the ch16 MIDI trigger works fine for running/stopping the sequencer except it always reverts to pattern number 1 when I click on Reaper play or jump to project start.

There is a sort of kludge. Routing ch1 MIDI from another track to the VB-303 track and sending a short starting note corresponding to a pattern number resets the sequencer from number 1 to the required pattern. I think VB-303 is seeing a Reaper start Play condition as a reset to pattern 1 but using a MIDI blocking fx before it to filter out everything except the ch16 sequencer trigger doesn't work, in any case this would prevent required pattern changes from working.

Something I'm missing or a 'feature' ?

Any help appreciated.

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