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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
I'd suggest that it's premature to discuss windows plugins in native reaper. Though I have no knowledge or say in the matter, I'd imagine that getting the port done, get Swell done to the point that the GUI is close to flawless, getting linux VSTs working well, etc, is the priority. A bridge for windows VSTs and it's use with reamote will most likely (I hope) follow.

I came across some information that this is a linux limitation (that can be configured) which stops a single application from using more than half the RAM on the system, unfortunately I've forgotten the details...
This can be configured with the ulimit command but I don't think there is any default limit in mainstream distributions.
Worth a check though.
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IIRC Alex has 64gb of ram and no swap, so this might be the problem:

I'm not sure if this is what I found a year or two ago when me and Alex discussed this problem, but I'll keep digging a little more to see what I can find.
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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Also, just pushed some swell changes which should allow entering non-latin characters via the keyboard, as well as copying/pasting them properly (hopefully!)
Works great. Thanks a lot!
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