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There is good idea :P

That said, some of these can be answered by script.

Voilà :P
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Oh thanx)
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Add F key views to show all tracks horizontally or enlarge views of 1 or more tracks or all fader views.
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- Turn On/Off LFO retrigger button in Parameter Modulation (LFO)
- Check/unchek columns view (size, data and etc.) in Media Explorer on mac
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Being a pro daw:

1. better gui/theme, high resolution picture, especially move to trash that dark muted track view. please....
2. track name on selected floating fx window and highlighted fx on slot ( during floating fx window ). please.....
3. better time stretch.
4.*right click on tcp for height options: micro, mini, normal, etc

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For selection to behave more predictably and let extensions/actions/scripts bring in the more powerful options.

This is pretty much my main issue with Reaper in other areas as well, mostly editing. For example, Reaper works great out of the box for those who use looping, but there's such a huge amount of people (like me) who just about never want looping features that hamper non-looping editing (such as right edge dragging not ending at item end) on by default. Fortunately, that one's just unchecking a prefs box (though it's too hidden for the usual intuitive unchecking, but no big deal). But some of these require trips to extensions/actions/scripts and their vast customizable power (which is great) just to turn off, and it's usually not as simple as it sounds.

I know many disagree with this, but I would love Reaper to be released in a "mode" that the user doesn't have to create, where it functions as a great DAW with zero nod to a looping workflow, or these little kooky power features that have me scrambling to find how to turn off, and a flip of the switch makes it a looper's (or whatever's) dream, and they can use that as their default. Or else to be released in the former mode as default and let those who love the power functions people like me are driven crazy by add them in to have them and let them create the custom mode.

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