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Default go for used d8b?


I think there are a couple of Mackie d8b users here...I know Lawrence is one...I have a question..

I have an old d8b...had it since new..has worked great. Now I have a small problem with my internal midi card,so I start looking for a replacement. There are very few new parts, mostly used available.

In looking craigslist for a card I find a local working d8b w desk and a pro box...a 3rd party device that turns the board into 3 mcus. The owner wants $600 us for all.

What do you guys think? Go for it for parts? Resell it?
Lawrence, if the fader packs are good ,would you be interested? Tried to pm u..couldn't. Anyone else?


Edit..@Lawrence..BTW check over at d8b forum,if you haven't. The same guy that made the pro box cracked,legally it seems,the Mackie OS 5.1 fiasco. Freaking brilliant and standup guy.

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