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I'm trying to recreate a guitar sound like the ones from these two videos:


I know they must be a multi-miced guitar amp with some kind of high quality reverbs, but although my guitar amp sound is ok, I don't know how to achieve such a huge sound from it on a mix.

Anyone got some ideas? Thanks in advance
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first: the two videos are blocked, probably worldwide. but I managed to find another version that wasnt blocked.

so who told you you have to multi-mic a "real" amp to get this sound? I would probably be so bold and say: stay away from multi-micing, you will get phase-issues without any chance to get it right, even not after weeks of tweaking.

what I hear is the sound of a really good metal-hi-gain-tone. get a decent amp-sim and turn the knobs, put a slight compressor after the cab and after that an eq. turn knobs.

micing an amp is an hassle without end, there are too many drawbacks in it. I wont go in detail into that, but the gossiping of "multi-micing" a "real" amp is a myth. unless you have the experience of 30 years doing so, the gear, the rooms, and in the first place the guitarist who can play accordingly to that sound. 90% of the sound comes from the fingers of the guitarist. bare that in mind ...

try Guitar Rig, Ampitube, any of the free amp-sims suited for heavy or Line6 or something. or get yourself an VOX ADsomething and use its line out.

hint: use a chorus, speed set to 0 (zero!) and intensity to 50%. use it mono. alternative is to use a delay set to 25-50ms and wet/dry to 50%. this too mono. that smoothes out the sound extremely without using anything other thingies.

ah, and that sound you are after is somewhat dependant on the guitar. sounds like an Ibanez or similar, hi output, carved out mids a little bit. in no case that were Strats or LPs.
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Originally Posted by whiteaxxxe View Post
first: the two videos are blocked, probably worldwide.
They're not blocked here, FWIW.
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