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Default Addictive Drums: No sound after install


I recently installed Addictive Drums on my second computer. I installed it the same way I did on my first computer but I get no sound from it now. When I load it up and click on one of the drums, it does not even register on the meter in Addictive Drums as putting out any sound. Is there any way to fix this?? Any help is appreciated. I am running the latest version of Reaper and Windows XP. Thanks!
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A bit of a shot in the dark I'm afraid, but with EZdrummer I have to have the track with the EZD VSTi on it record-armed before I can get it to sound when clicking the drums or audition it's "grooves". It is annoying actually.

Maybe same with AD?
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Thanks for the suggestion. I reinstalled the application and it works now. I have no idea why it did not work the first time, but it is working normally now.
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Default same problem as you

hi GodIsStevePerry, i had the same problem as you, and i did the same way as you did, but unfortunaly it stays the same, can get the sound from ad or signal at meters... so i ask you if you did something special when you reinstal... or if you could give me the link of your keygen... because i think is the keygen... i have win 7 system...
hope you could help me...
thanks for your atention.
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