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Default Possibility to read mp4/m4a files

For a few weeks I have been using Reaper for editing/mixing of my radio program. It's completely pre-recorded and in that sense more like a podcast. The music tracks I use are mp3's but over time my collection contains an increasing number of m4a-files.

Would it be possible to add the reading of these files to Reaper?

Off topic; I love what you guys are doing with the software ! I recently started using Reaper for post production of jingles, etc as well (instead of Nuendo).
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Default Bumping up

Hmmm no replies sofar...just a little bump to bring it up again. Could this be added to Reapers feature set in the future?
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It could be nice to have. At least if the codecs could be freely used without licensing hassles for Cockos...(Remember, even Mp3 isn't supported in Reaper directly, you have to get and install the necessary DLL yourself!) However, I don't think it can be implemented for DRM-protected files in any case...

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Thanks Xenakios. Wow over on Digg.com there was a link to the following page:


Very nice article BTW and it does talk about mp4/aac licensing. In addition I found this page with actual license pricing schemes:


When looking around further I found this page:


This is the Freeware Advanced Audio Coder. Source code can be found in the above link and .exe files can be found here:


So it appears that it will cost money to include mp4/aac support in Reaper. However it might be possible to give the user the ability to install this function themself. Anyway, just sharing the info.
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