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Default Rendering with Lame not working

Hi. Hoping someone can help with a very similar issue as the above. I have rendered many a file on my Macbook using lame but I went on today after a fair few months away from recording, did a song, and now the lame encoder isn't working. More specifically, Reaper is saying that it isn't installed. It's always been in the reaper.app folder but just to make sure I downloaded the libmp3lame_osx64 and put in in every reaper file I coudl find (!) and still Reaper is saying it isn't there. Now, there's a good chance I'm being a total tool here and missing something obvious but I really am stumped! Any help much appreciated

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Don't know what the issue could be, but I would try:
~/Library/App support/Reaper/User plugins/
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i've the same problem. have you solved it?
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I have the lame file sitting in my /Applications folder and nowhere else. Try that. Works for me.
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Originally Posted by CaptainHook View Post
I have the lame file sitting in my /Applications folder and nowhere else. Try that. Works for me.
Same. Seems like it shouldn't go there, but there it goes and it woks.
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I installed lame per the instructions on the audacity site before I was using Reaper and since using Reaper don't believe I've ever had to tell it where to find it.

Looks like it's in /usr/local/bin and a library is in /usr/local/lib/audacity.
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