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  1. Confirmed builds and building issues
  2. Developer Help
  3. Ninjam IRC gateway feature request list
  4. real time MIDI java class found
  5. Compile for X
  6. web integration?
  7. Anyone here capable of modifying Ninjam for specialty use?
  8. PATCH: Daemon mode and Linux system service for the server
  9. Linux version? Jack?
  10. Ninjam as a VST?
  11. Dear mr i cannot connect
  12. Features request
  13. showing Server info on a webpage
  14. What version of DXSDK?
  15. vidjam anyone?
  16. Ninjam Pay Per Use for Private Server Time
  17. Problem for drummers
  18. Audio Streaming
  19. Icon issues
  20. Volume mixing option in Ninjam
  21. Kicking, voting system
  22. Great idea
  23. SoC: Linux GUI Client
  24. Adminstrative Server Settings
  25. cvs/subversion
  26. Developmentprogress
  27. Pls Need some hints to set up a server on a MAC
  28. Google Summer of Code
  29. Summer of Code
  30. Linux GUI client
  31. MAKE video effects contest
  32. GSoC: Server-side mixing
  33. Easy bug to fix
  34. Need access to Ninjam Recordings
  35. vote bpm where?
  36. subGUIus
  37. bandwidth friendly(friendlier) options for ninjam?
  38. Upcoming Changes
  39. My Screen Name and Auto Song
  40. How to setup a server & program identical to NINJAM
  41. Can't Save to External HD
  42. Google Summer of code updates?
  43. Live site implementation!
  44. server status page
  45. njcast/ninjamcast source code here! Also win32 binary
  46. ASIO feature request
  47. Tip from a new user
  48. ninjam + jack feature request(s)...
  49. clipsort log errors
  50. Create a personnel server
  51. support for OSC? PD or max-msp
  52. Can't open client source project
  53. ninjamsrv weirdness on FreeBSD
  54. ninjam as audio unit
  55. crash in setup_tone_curves()
  56. Mac/Carbon/AU client released + njclient patches
  57. did I find a tiny bug?
  58. chatlog timestamp
  59. Feature Sugestion - Brickwall Limiter
  60. Sound when person joins?
  61. Ninjam Servers Down.
  62. aand we're back :-}
  63. RSS Server Feed
  64. ReaRoute
  65. Linux server?
  66. Trouble with install
  67. New Ninjam Mods..
  68. FR - Thought!
  69. Compared to Rocket Network?
  70. Scaleability of the Ninjam Platform
  71. Ninjam promo Video?
  72. Music Comunity
  74. General leveling of Volume
  75. Translation
  76. network latency
  77. Poor dialup users - any hope?
  79. Jam farm problem
  80. offset in month in server log file
  81. session mode and voice chat for linux
  82. midi to server sync in reaper
  83. iMuzz source code now available
  84. problem building Ninjam on OSX
  85. can anybody help me, can't connect ninjam
  86. connection bug
  87. Compiling NINJAM Server on Windows
  88. Ninjam server on dot.tk domain
  89. My Ninjam server works only locally
  90. Is a Shared IP an issue?
  91. Can't connect but can change config file.
  92. My 2 cents contrib - Ninjamcast Linux Port
  93. feature requests for future fersions
  94. Syncing
  95. Getting Disconnected/Can't Connect
  96. ninjam plugin
  97. Auto Pan on Auto Record
  98. "Leader Mode"
  99. chat code
  100. jam farm code
  101. ninjam server osx en espaņol?
  102. Dumb question: OS X client last updated July 15, 2005?
  103. CELT codec for lower latency
  104. Will it be further development?
  105. JACK transport fix
  106. Option for google pad or Ipad
  107. where to get njclient.cpp ?
  108. Reaninjam doesn't have output.ogg like ninjam client
  109. ReaNINJAM v1.3 error
  110. NinjamCast Linux x64 (Ubuntu)
  111. Compile problems
  112. Error compiling Ninjam standalone on windows
  113. Bot in ninjam server
  114. Let's continue Ninjam development!
  115. Ninjam protocol specification available on wiki
  116. Rehearsal with band over ninjam?
  117. Create ninjam server
  118. connecting anonimously with linux curses client?
  119. Using NINJAM live - some issues we're trying to work through
  120. iOS version anybody?
  121. gNinjam gui revisited
  122. Please I need help to set up NINJAM Mac OS X Server!
  123. Footswitch for transmit on/off?
  124. Viewing online users on the web.. and more
  125. Code for web player
  126. Sync iPad app to NINJAM?
  127. At your service sir
  128. blind but not deaf !
  129. Features request : PDC(Plugin Delay Compensation)for NINJAM Client.
  130. NINJAM source code now in git, including ReaNINJAM
  131. So does ninjam have API?
  132. Ninjam explanation, learning resources, Combining with video
  133. Missing ninjamserver.exe file?
  134. Crash when opening Clipsort.log
  135. NINJAM latency issue-drops app end of measure
  136. Send Commands
  137. Ninjam server source code repo 403 forbidden
  138. Justin - NINJAM server binaries, please [DONE - added on March 26]
  139. Sync option request - sync timeline to NINJAM [DONE - implemented]
  140. Add musicorner's public NINJAM server to serverlist.php [DONE]
  141. Feature requests: separate output channels, MIDI beat clock
  142. Adding new server to ReaNinjam public listing
  143. Request for some Accessibility Improvements
  144. Docker image on DockerHub
  145. Request for enhanced controlling the server
  146. Synchronizing Reaper with NinJam
  147. Bitwig sync - duplicate... see ^
  148. Sync via open sound control
  149. Steps for turning ninjam server into a service on linux (systemd)
  150. Feature Request for using NinJam for Rehearsal
  151. Using NinJam in Live Performance mode
  152. Detecting Usernames in the Solo / Mute Menu?
  153. WASAPI audio option for NINJAM client (Windows)
  154. ninjamcast won't connect with password
  155. Helm Charts for deployment to Kubernetes
  156. Feature request: metronome accent
  157. Feature Request
  158. abNinjam
  159. A Few More ReaNinjam Suggestions
  160. Performing a smooth update on the NINJAM server
  161. How-to compile NINJAM on windows with VST2.4 SDK
  162. Docker-compose file
  163. Feature Request - Matterbridge Support for chat
  164. Ogg Opus support
  165. Ninjam Server - website or GitHub?
  166. We are still waiting for the Public List to be updated
  167. NINJAM client for Android?
  168. CLAP. Recieving CC and other MIDI messages
  169. To use NINJAM in other DAWs, we need the vst version