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  1. Looped items look differently on different zoom-levels (FIXED)
  2. Imprecise Faders (FIXED)
  3. Insert menu (FIXED)
  4. Jump To Time window (FIXED)
  5. Track drag marquee practically invisible
  6. Feature request before nitpick (DONE)
  7. Search Box
  8. Track Name is higher than button
  9. Certain Track Colors leave waveform invisible when items highlighted
  10. Docked MIDI Editor - Replace Previous, please
  11. Minimize TCP "hides" buttons (FIXED)
  12. Redundant routing listing
  13. The "Record: disabled" record mode misnomer - isn't this about input monitoring?
  14. Fader graphic position inconsistency
  15. Creating a Loop Selection accidentally (FIXED)
  16. Themes &The Routing Matrix
  17. Undo "Insert track" reloads VSTi patch (SOLVED)
  18. Enable loop for imported ... also loops recorded (FIXED)
  19. left click+drag in midi editor just feels wrong ...
  20. TCP space utilization
  21. Disable I/O changes from history
  22. Reaper does not remember the last used path
  23. Duplicate VSTis etc
  24. Steinberg Bitcrusher doesn't work with this host (oh but it does)
  25. mousewheel zoom at the end not proper (FIXED)
  26. VSTi's
  27. The selection for "last track in folder" .. seems a bit pointless?
  28. MIDI prefs unstable?
  29. Closing the docker when it's floating (SOLVED)
  30. Old VST problems also in Reaper -:(
  31. Insert template track ... selection issue
  32. Master track in TCP ...
  33. Positioning of floating Routing window
  34. nitpick or user error? MIDI editor scrolling and zooming
  35. vertical autoscroll when dragging horizontally in MIDI editor
  36. End of project nitpicks ...
  37. Controller Messages ignored before recording
  38. Have I been awake for too long? (FIXED)
  39. Snap toggle
  40. Master trk flip/flop mute/solo
  41. Problem With Recent Projects
  42. VST window sizing (SOLVED)
  43. Faders with mouse farked up
  44. Autoscroll when zooming vertically
  45. [Vst] Preset banks not updated in FX window
  46. Tempo Change (loops follow) (SOLVED)
  47. Resize Mixer Even smaller
  48. WDM Kernel Streaming issue
  49. Send Mono Icon the same as Record Monitoring Icon (FIXED)
  50. Punch out behaviour
  51. Play and pause in MIDI Editor (FIXED)
  52. Esc doesnt close FX window after "Remove" (FIXED)
  53. strange display problem on launch
  54. In Track Faders?
  55. Small glitch using Highest Q. Resample mode
  56. Why the high RAM use?
  57. Render nitpick
  58. Dropped samples on Render
  59. Override cycle lock when double-clicking item
  60. CPU constantly at 100%
  61. the lag when clicking on the timeline ... (SOLVED)
  62. glitched audio heard from FX after I press stop (FIXED)
  63. Managing Shortcuts ...
  64. ESC Unfloats the Docker (SOLVED)
  65. BPM/Loop Sel box size & display after updating (FIXED)
  66. International Keyboard support - Non-US Keyboards still not 100% useable
  67. still not able to grab covered items at all
  68. Media Explorer - loops hickups on repeat
  69. Record output (mono) only (FIXED)
  70. Tracks inside folders are quieter (SOLVED)
  71. Splitting items when project playing (SOLVED)
  72. are lanes takes accurate?
  73. Definitive way to see which tracks are selected when (FIXED)
  74. Performance Meter FX column width (FIXED)
  75. Insert New Track Placement Using Right Click
  76. Create New Directory (FIXED)
  77. I can never read all of the update text
  78. Floating FX - cursor is in VST program field (FIXED)
  79. Mute button leaves MIDI notes hanging (FIXED)
  80. 3 little things ...
  81. CTRL+Drag removes automation "Move Envelope Points with Media Items" enabled (FIXED)
  82. Clicking the Master track shows master FX if fx-follows-track selection set
  83. Odd zoom behaviour on undo
  84. The loop selection context-menu misses off three very relevant existing items (DONE)
  85. Undo History display scroll with Ctrl+Z (DONE)
  86. Manual Typos?
  87. A few minor annoyances ...
  88. Keyboard shortcut for Edit Region please (DONE)
  89. Some stuff that annoys me
  90. Naming in Reaper (FIXED)
  91. Time Signature Measure length discrepancy (FIXED)
  92. New tracks created just by moving by (FIXED)
  93. Viewing options belong into View menu
  94. "File exists" warning message (DONE)
  95. in auto pre-roll mode, roll back to start of clip when using timestretch
  96. Cubase-style loop left/right locator placing
  97. About the installer ... (DONE)
  98. Time signature changes confuses MIDI editor
  99. Little things that make you go "WTF!!!"
  100. weird clipping
  101. VST names incomplete in FX dialog
  102. Parameter selector hiding ...
  103. Can't tell if a clip is selected or not
  104. sound quality
  105. my 2 cents
  106. 1.874 - TCP Buttons Refresh
  107. Transport Clarity ... (FIXED)
  108. advanced theme fader bgs
  109. Colors for volume faders?
  110. It doesn't really "send on all channels" (DONE)
  111. 0dB normalization (FIXED)
  112. Metronome when playrate != 1
  113. Is there a list of nitpicks?
  114. Override MS-Windows Colors?
  115. I just got a really annoying pop up message
  116. Loop selection shortcut behavior ... (SOLVED)
  117. Transport Time Display Glitch (SOLVED)
  118. Default scrollbars are buggy since 1.875 (FIXED)
  119. peaks of selected items were drawn in the bgcolor of unselected ones
  120. Set track label to custom colours (FIXED)
  121. transport cursor jumpy before play
  122. Grouping not working for me (SOLVED)
  123. Default snap/grid settings? More like Ronco .... (SOLVED)
  124. Closing FX window shouldn't be a state in undo history (DONE)
  125. MIDI event freakout (3 annoying problems)
  126. Normal Marquis Selection, Please??
  127. Vertical zooming (doesn't center on chosen track) (SOLVED)
  128. Clicking track name text box gets frustrating (SOLVED)
  129. Grid snapping - too hard to adjust
  130. When creating a new track, automatically put cursor in texbox?
  131. Two new keyboard shortcuts: "View: Scroll to top" and "View: Scroll to bottom"?
  132. No 'Open Items with built-in Midi Editor' in Keyboard Shortcuts
  133. Docked mixer scrollbar buttons not working (FIXED)
  134. Not able to Purchase with my VISA
  135. dreamreaper
  136. Why can't REAPER use ctrl right-click drag to add a marquee to a selection?
  137. Grouped Item misbehaviour
  138. Can anyone solve my long-time issue with tinted track panel background colors?
  139. Collected nitpicks ...
  140. Section params in Item Props - default settings (DONE)
  141. In Performance Meter clicking the Master track's FX (FIXED)
  142. CTRL not working for fader movements in JS FX
  143. Rightclicked movements out of plugin window (NO BUG)
  144. Reaper and Vista Help
  145. List Editor cursor position still not clear in 1.888 ... a suggestion here (SOLVED)
  146. visual routing of track folders in matrix
  147. A very low priority nitpic - mixer icon when undocked
  148. JS should use the same font as ReaComp
  149. Don't display Master in Mixer
  150. Control-W does not close MIDI editor window (SOLVED)
  151. Pan: Instead of 'center', nothing, '0', or 'c', or user defined text.
  152. fader limitations?
  153. Resetting meters after clipping (FIXED)
  154. Insert track from template
  155. Send "knobs" in mixer view
  156. Maybe a silly idea ... but
  157. "LEARN" in FX-chain not saved (FIXED)
  158. ReaTune only goes down to C#1 (SOLVED)
  159. Changing loop restarts playback (SOLVED)
  160. High CPU consumption on demo project - normal?
  161. MIDI editor CC data mouse drag oddity
  162. Track volume fader default gain +1 dB (SOLVED)
  163. Punch In Delay
  164. MIDI octave discrepancy (DONE)
  165. Routing receives default behavior solo
  166. "Insert track" should be shown under "Insert" (SOLVED)
  167. Quirk
  168. New version restores color theme to default (SOLVED)
  169. Horizontal scroll bar tab gets too small
  170. MIDI item inserts to the wrong track (FIXED)
  171. Startup Time
  172. "Select all" in Clean Current Project Directory (DONE)
  173. Logitech Mouse Support
  174. Metronome nitpicks
  175. Child's item display when folder soloed (FIXED)
  176. V. brief white screen after fading away on start up
  177. Dragging Regions
  178. Missing blank in the "FX" tooltip (FIXED)
  179. Install on USB drive: could there be options?
  180. Presets don't show when you open FX in the mixer as opposed to the TCP
  181. Set selected track color to one random color won't stick
  182. Annoying thing about textfields
  183. Behaviour of scroll-wheel
  184. Fader movement speed
  185. MIDI Channel Assignments
  186. Rendering stems operates post-fader!
  187. MIDI File Import Track Naming
  188. Can't rename FX folders
  189. CC Controler messages, Automation and UNDO quirks
  190. MIDI edits take too long to get to audio engine (FIXED)
  191. Glueing MIDI items during playback (DONE)
  192. I HATE cross fades! (SOLVED)
  193. Drag'n'drop copy and overlaying MIDI items
  194. Dual scroll control annoying
  195. Peak Files (DONE)
  196. I'm so annoyed again ... (SOLVED)
  197. Setting channel inputs/outputs
  198. (slider.Dbl_click == 0.0) ?:
  199. Virtual Keyboard mini bug (FIXED)
  200. First Track Added is Not Selected
  201. Mixer is not top tab in docker at startup (but really should be!)...
  202. Changing color theme when using 'Classic'
  203. Now This I Like VERY much...
  204. <project directory> ME shortcut issue ... (SOLVED)
  205. Cosmetic bug in View menu
  206. FX window - one type only?
  207. drag clips horizontally too low, new track created
  208. Focus not correctly on docked midi editor
  209. Vertical Zoom out
  210. "Render to file" defaults to Render entire project (SOLVED)
  211. LeftClick+Drag changes time selection instead of marquee select
  212. JS ignores code lines with leading blanks
  213. JS gfx refresh
  214. Inputs only menu missing in 2.x (DONE)
  215. Media Explorer: "back" and/or "up" button (DONE)
  216. JS gfx antialiasing
  217. Could "DEL" only delete selected take?
  218. Should some global compatibility options be on a per plugin basis?
  219. Dragging items during playback
  220. Track meters text (FIXED)
  221. Media Explorer Doesn't Remember Chosen Details
  222. Horizontal Scrolling in Mixer
  223. tabbing to transient
  224. Reason
  225. Navigate without screen scroll
  226. Vertical Zoom (SOLVED)
  227. Gang faders (DONE)
  228. Editing patch name in the FX Chain window
  229. LowPass all but the real high ones?
  231. Locked Envelopes / Track Height Toggles
  232. Looping selection cause VSTi's to glitch (FIXED)
  233. Problems with ReaDelay
  234. Render stems - files may get overwritten (FIXED)
  235. It's not fast to edit in REAPER
  236. Unexpected velocity changes in MIDI Editor
  237. Strange MIDI event on playback/plugin start with BFD (SOLVED)
  238. MIDI octave display offset problem (FIXED)
  239. New Color Theme Text Options
  240. Scrolling past "DL User Guide" in the help menu to actually get to the user guide.
  241. Item on manual colored track
  242. Performance meter (DONE)
  243. Implode MIDI items to one track (SOLVED)
  244. Reaper is Crashing and Crashing
  245. Not having per-item track locking just wasted 3 hours of my life
  246. Mouse scroll wheel behaviour - annoying (SOLVED)
  247. FX CPU use > Project CPU use
  248. Continually losing hours of work and I'm really fed up.
  249. Q: Whats wrong with this picture?
  250. Any way to fix the Window task bar conflict? (FIXED)