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  2. white paper on tips and tricks for new users
  3. recording/mixing in surround?
  4. Really newbie question re: volume
  5. what is talent and how do you get more of it
  6. volume of the master? what db?
  7. where each instrument sits? eq?
  8. "no need for much compression its just a cymbal"
  9. Hidden tracks, how do I get them back?
  10. crash medium/crash high
  11. Adding force string keyswitch, sound goes away.
  12. multichanel rendering...........
  13. PG Effects
  14. Unwanted Artifacts on multiple tracks
  15. Beginner needs help
  16. hearing dry guitar input as well as effect
  17. Midi Panner VST Plugin
  18. "edit me" toolbar button (top middle of screen) - I can't get rid of it!!
  19. Stupid question? Waveform not matching audio
  20. attach markers to media item
  21. mp3 Changing for backing track
  22. why are my parts in midi continuously looped?
  23. How to set up a drum machine from samples
  24. Project per song or per session?
  25. Proper File Organization(after the fact)
  26. Need help with volume/levels!
  27. Hello Reapers- I may be moving here
  28. mics and MAudio Fast Track Ultra
  29. no sound from midi keyboard on one project
  30. Cannot load SR5 on Kontakt 4 anymore.
  31. using the Metronome...
  32. My computer's specs and Operating system questions...
  33. Question about preamps
  34. Insert FX chain. Splits peak meter.
  35. Help me not break reaper
  36. Help with a problem?
  37. 4 questions...
  38. Aligning audio tracks?
  39. Switching Audio Devices
  40. Can reaper recognize line inputs?
  41. sfz sample player in Reaper?
  42. Another dumb question, this time about vocals / vocal VSTi? / samples in Reaper...
  43. playback
  44. "Can't Write To Recording Files"
  45. Software sampler, hardware sequencer - sequencer recording its own playback
  46. copying and pasting sections of an MP3 file?
  47. getting started
  48. Time Progress
  49. EZ Drummer/Scarlett Plug-in Suite installation problems
  50. Upgrade from Audacity to Reaper - why should I?
  51. Reaper for me?
  52. parting out song segments
  53. buying plugins, can i later on sell them?
  54. Reaper Templates
  55. Behringer XM8500....other low priced good items?
  56. Static/Crackling when playing virtual instruments via MIDI controller
  57. hello am in UK, except ebay, which online sites in UK or auctions can i find used
  58. Good sample download resources? (links enclosed)
  59. Cannot add VST FX to midi track?
  60. is ozone 5 enough?
  61. midi drum maps
  62. Categorising VSTs by type?
  63. Panning questions that the User's Guide isn't helping me with, please...
  64. don't know terminology - want to have all drum tracks combined for EQ, reverb, etc
  65. Shift + Scroll Wheel (Scroll TimeLine)
  66. Battery 3 set up
  67. ASIO- inputs menu is empty
  68. Media Explorer / columns
  69. Deleting vocal tracks between phrases
  70. How much would you pay for a demo?
  71. Rendering/VST issue
  72. Control with USB Pedal?
  73. Problems on top of problems
  74. Free samples from MusicRadar
  75. pumping effect, what else
  76. Only play selected track
  77. Guitar with VST amp issues
  78. Item Selection within a Track
  79. can someone explain me differences between these 2
  80. audio interface...i need
  81. A bit lost
  82. Sample rate conversion
  83. motu manual, i need explanation
  84. Looping
  86. Initialize synth settings?
  87. Real beginner question
  88. What version of Reaper to go with?
  89. Problem using MIDI drum kit as input in reaper.
  90. Turning 5 takes into 1
  91. Returing to default scree
  92. Returing to default screen
  93. Trying to understand MIDI/Sequencers
  94. Hello and yet another frustrated MIDI user
  95. Can't get step recording to work with virtual keyboard
  96. Midi CC weird behaviour
  97. Some Tracks don't appear in rendered version
  98. Help with an a custom action please.
  99. VST Ignore .ini?
  100. .wav issue - crackling playback
  101. where can i hear a kick recorded with electro voice 666 mic
  102. Really confused about automation...
  103. sennheiser guitar amp mics, which for clean and which for distortion
  104. Sounds Like There's a Gate on Each Track?
  105. hello, in which instrument is SM57 ur first choice?
  106. Folder or Send?
  107. reactivation?
  108. MIDI devices not recognized/acknowledged
  109. Whats the secret to making toms sound like cannons
  110. do you ever use 2 mics at the same time to record vocals or guitar?
  111. error initializing ASIO driver
  112. MIDI part 3,798
  113. inputs on audio interface? newbie
  114. EZ Keys Installation...
  115. reasamplomatic5000 question about outputs
  116. Reaper import gain?
  117. MIDI basics
  118. ezdrummer problem
  119. your favourite plugins from WAVES?
  120. How to delete the deleted takes into the recycle bin?
  121. midi value problem
  122. Problem: No sound before recording
  123. dumping all files to my desktop....why???
  124. Behringer: MULTICOM PRO-XL MDX4600
  125. switching CC7 to CC11
  126. printing plugins?
  127. do you sidechain kick and bass for rock music?
  128. what keys are being used in this song?
  129. Changing the parameters of a vst instrument
  130. Monitoring In/Out Volumes in a Plugin
  131. Quantizing acoustic drums?
  132. Stereo track panorama question
  133. Switch between few audiostreams in video file
  134. Internal send/receive in track
  135. Cursor won't move on playback or record
  136. recording drums
  137. Newbie here - panning and soundcard questions
  138. Crossfade editor - help please!
  139. Rendering Issues
  140. Reaper priority while rendering
  141. superimposing volume automation on the track
  142. A supposedly simple hookup
  143. First steps in setting up Reaper for newbie?
  144. at what level do i set the peak limiter at?
  145. Multiple tracks to one VSTi
  146. uploading to Dropbox w/o every unused take?
  147. Weird noise with USB soundcard
  148. what have you learnt from your recording/mixing mistakes?
  149. Loading Soundfonts: "Not enough memory..."
  150. Novice questions, low budget tips
  151. Newbie reaper issue #148074098
  152. do i gate all drum mics?
  153. Latency while Recording
  154. Play from where I stopped playback.
  155. Cleaning audio within reaper
  156. Mac OSX.. Swiping mouse left and right to navigate.
  157. song after render sound totally different the execution in reaper
  158. How to go advanced samling (rap)
  159. bass,guitars,drums plugins?
  160. delay,reverb plugins?
  161. where do i get the sounds in this song
  162. Help with level meters / routing?
  163. when is click track needed, and when its not?
  164. Vocals
  165. which bass for recording?
  166. Best way to move my REAPER music onto a new computer
  167. Track templates
  168. Source of MIDI note artifact after rendering -- note keeps playing and playing?
  169. need to record midi events out of JS arp
  170. Live audio from internet while in Reaper?
  171. Problem with soloing tracks
  172. Benefits of MIDI controller?
  173. FX send inside or outside the track folder
  174. Problems Recording Electric/Acoustic Guitar
  175. 14/11/2013 CAD PRO 7 $99.99 just for this day
  176. elastic?
  177. First time user. How do I get started?
  178. First time user. Need basic help for Mac.
  179. No sound from Master channel.
  180. How do I create a Chain?
  181. Almost there - MIDI hookups
  182. FX aren't working and I don't know why...
  183. complete newb, starting with an audio interface
  184. Changing the note from a MIDI controller & sending it to a different track?
  185. Reaper Crash after using iZotope RX3
  186. what are the main tools to do music
  187. Batch Rendering Help
  188. Customizable Wildcards
  189. Compression
  190. Master track
  191. Lost plugins
  192. Text vers Background
  193. can someone tell me how to learn to do this sound
  194. Auto trim midi items
  195. Recording 1 instrumental track and voice help
  196. where are the jesusonic plugins?
  197. Stretching or squashing a section of music
  198. how to add virtual drum track?
  199. Ring modulator help?
  200. About tracks meter and monitoring. Need some help
  201. How to install plugins 101
  202. Track Panel Views
  203. Alternative, Chunky Metal Tone
  204. Headphones in Denmark ???
  205. Midi Controller Question
  206. Panning Law - why is Reaper's default +0?
  207. Can't play imported MIDI
  208. Volume and Pan faders for MIDI Tracks (not working)
  209. ReSize MIDI Editor
  211. 5.1 mix how to ???
  212. Saving on an external HArd drive
  213. Somebody Needs to Write "Switching from Audacity to Reaper"
  214. How to do Reverb setting for Strings and Orchestral Arrangements
  215. Drums,midi and focusrite itrack solo
  216. Prioritization of gear
  217. Midi Clock Feedback Loop
  218. Sending MIDI commands with Timecode markers
  219. Trying to turn on Addictive drums on Reaper...
  220. Behringer
  221. High pitched whine as soon as reaper is opened?
  222. recording bass
  223. When to add effects?
  224. Lame project issue
  225. Guitar Recording Is Not In Sync
  226. Set input to MIDI, arm, monitoring with 1 shortcut key?
  227. Could you help me with a live configuration?
  228. recording synth
  229. Inputs/Outputs/Device/Latency Help?
  230. The newbiest question ever asked in this forum
  231. drag loop brace?
  232. deleting a section affects timing
  233. Reaper's ReaPitch & voice chat programs
  234. no access to drums
  235. Plugins on track in edit window like Pro Tools?
  236. Killing an Echo
  237. Dragging the Mixer
  238. protools 11 rewire
  239. (Yet another) problem with GR5
  240. The occasional skip in playback
  241. Tempo in 12/8 time is too slow (v3.72).
  242. How to search multiple terms only in forums....
  243. How do I get a signal in- brand new to digital recording
  244. ReaVerb examples - basic Room, Plate, Hall etc
  245. master volume dim?
  246. Interface for using Vsts on stage
  247. scroll wont move after audio
  248. customizing the layout of the screen
  249. Reaper not making sound! (Mac)
  250. Newbie Question - Select next midi note