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  1. Added EZ drummer tracks but can't hear them during recording?
  2. Stereo width
  3. lock to active take by default
  4. focusrite plugin suite
  5. Spot Mode?
  6. How to split vinyl tracks.
  7. Reaper Stash
  8. how to record directly from keyboard output with M-Audio?
  9. biggest independent music publishing companies?
  10. "Spill" recording a synth?
  11. Reaper Routing ALWAYS Mono-the ultimate challenge
  12. How can I access a different time signature than for a project defined?
  13. Previously saved raw wav to be fx'd
  14. Geist and REAPER: newb question about multi-outs
  15. Pre-roll and post-roll settings
  16. Switching between headphones and studio monitors?
  17. SMPTE over MP3
  18. Rendering in real time ("online"?)
  19. sync clock midi
  20. Not used Reaper in a while but getting back into it then: "error opening media"! :-o
  21. envelope for effect in individual items?
  22. ZenBook UX305 ..is this a laptop?
  23. Recording Electronic Drums for export to Garageband
  24. Calvin harris - how to learn to make music like him?
  25. MIDI channel ('select') MODE (for 'performance mode')
  26. effects on items vs whole tracks
  27. Using the BCD3000 as a midi controller in Reaper
  28. is there a trancegate in reaper effects?
  29. how do i change the notes on virtual midi keyboard?
  30. value for money? better (cheaper/alternative) options?
  31. on the fly midi control options in reaper...
  32. Scarlett 2i4 -not recording..HELP!!
  33. Newbie question - audio interface
  34. "Audio closed" message, What did I do?
  35. eh?! stash stuff
  36. sample from movie (vlc): stereo mix ok? auto-arm?
  37. Plugins unavailable(win7)
  38. JS slider question
  39. Installed RealTek drivers to enable Stereo Mix, now Reaper playback is disabled
  40. sampler
  41. Forum search question
  42. parallel, series
  44. If i'm happy with the mix
  45. Project Settings
  46. Recording Input Levels
  47. GarageBand to Reaper?
  49. Optimizing the interface for composition rather than tracking?
  50. Recording changes in VST parameters to automation envelope?
  51. software synths
  52. reaper stacking takes, splitting audio
  53. 1st time VIDEO but problems... :-/
  54. How do you use reverb?
  55. Is it possible to delete entire 'bars' of midi tracks?
  56. Question About Buffers
  57. So, how do I map my drum vst program to the piano roll?
  58. is there a specific way you set up your libraries of samples?
  59. How to rename lots of samples together?
  60. alternative to media explorer audition
  61. macro for loading kontakt vsts?
  62. Mic-pre Set up
  63. what is this sound
  64. I need some help with clicks and pops in my audio
  65. Newbie hoping to get some hardcore help!
  66. Create Markers in Piano Roll Window
  67. Arp routing
  68. Taking midi drum tracks recorded in Reaper and pulling them into Garageband
  69. render an item? fastest way?
  70. Pre fader VS post fader
  71. tape stop effect with reaper plugins?
  72. Scale Velocity in Piano Roll?
  73. Rap Vs Hip hop? whats the difference?
  74. Reverb, Phase, Flanger, Chorus
  75. sylenth1 mousewheel
  76. PT to Reaper?
  77. Best Render Settings
  78. Ext. keyboard doesn't work with some VSTis?
  79. ADSR
  80. Meter readings in Render
  81. synthmaker/synthedit
  82. hi where's the mod wheel in reaper?
  83. how do i record only the effect
  84. ?Corrupted RPP & rpp-bak Files
  85. sylenth fm8 difference
  86. Advice on first mix
  87. adjust eq to match takes?
  88. AKAI = sf2?
  89. sylenth presets vs sylenth patches
  90. auto arming tracks with soundcraft expression?
  91. saving/copying MIDI 'map' data
  92. synthesizer factory content
  93. Does this plug-in exist?
  94. sylenth1 or any synthesizer question
  95. risers, drops...sweeps?
  96. Bounce from TIME ZERO!
  97. A noob's adventures in SysEx - Windows, Evo 461C
  98. linear enveloppe / automation
  99. Something similar to Logic's smart controls or Sonar's ProChannel within Reaper
  100. Sonar midi file compatibility
  101. replicate visible tracks on control surface
  102. Strange MIDI e-drums timing problem
  103. Windows - Reaper - Newbies
  104. How to stop that any mouse clicks change the playback
  105. Paused at version 4.77? is next version Reaper 5?
  106. starting the 1 beat a bit later?
  107. reaper - reroute ASIO driver
  108. whats ur prediction date for Reaper 5 release? :D
  109. hey guys, watch this video its only 6 minutes
  110. "Allow feedback in routing"
  111. SMPTE LTC/MTC Timecode
  112. Tempo Master track
  113. ctrl alt tab
  114. Measure from time selection (detect tempo)
  115. when do you expand the track channels in I/O
  116. rewiring vs vsti
  117. split into separate project per region - script?
  118. trimming time to a time selection?
  119. general probs
  120. RESET or something like it ????
  121. folder re-arranging
  122. Can't get reaper to play or record anything.
  123. midi plugin / config q (auto-accompaniment upon audio input detection)
  124. Microphones
  125. AnlgPerc
  126. Panning
  127. Lowering dB on pieces of waveform
  128. What are these mysterious clicks?
  129. anyone who knows to use synthedit?
  130. How to Import Stereo Audio Track
  131. tx16wx sampler
  132. need help with equipment setup
  133. vstis?
  134. Doubts about Mixing: Headroom, Clipping and Level Meters
  135. New to MIDI and samples
  136. Can't record on a track
  137. Electric guitar wont record?
  138. Syncronizing imported audio with measures ??
  139. reverse multiple audio and save?
  140. Upgraded my computer, waveforms disappeared...
  141. Is there a way to choose instruments that fit together?
  142. vst synth, recording audio instead of midi?
  143. ASIO4ALL stopped working...
  144. 2 questions
  145. how to make this drop in sound?
  146. Envelopes for items?
  147. Multitrack recording question
  148. will reaper announce the reaper 5 releasing date?
  149. anyone who has wide experience with Hardware Synths?
  150. where can i find this sort of a rise?
  151. Multiplie output
  152. Project Templates and CPU loading
  153. recording output - mono vs stereo?
  154. FM synthesis
  155. item - take - pitch envelope
  156. No sound in Reaper
  157. Input/Output Levels In Reaper...There's Only One Fader & One Meter!!
  159. Reaper crackling and stutters
  160. To suspend keystrokes temporarily
  161. Synth plug-in volume changing over time
  162. PARAM
  163. Audio Attenuation
  164. Drum programming routine
  165. Asio4All won't detect my USB interface?
  166. Double AUDIO interface
  167. MIDI LEARN??
  168. Reaper Cycle actions
  169. drawing envelope shapes?
  170. OFFLINE ?
  171. Multi Media Keyboard Jogwheel
  172. Problems with Cabelguys MidiShaper
  173. vst windows bridge
  174. Purple D in the mixer
  175. Reacomp no sound
  176. trouble BFD3 and Reaper(drummap)
  177. hearing pops and clicks..
  178. recording midi notes on top of others?
  179. Two MIDI plugins on one track
  180. True newbie looking to get started
  181. Rendering lots of mono files with a send to stereo
  182. Add tags to a track
  183. Signal routing
  184. How to improve selection of buffer size in Reaper?
  185. Reaper will NOT start !!!!!
  186. Master track´s pan mode
  187. use ios fx through iconnectmidi2+
  188. do re mi .....for 12 notes?
  189. mixing comparement to video - alternative to EQ/reverb/delay
  190. Horizontal Zooming Moves Cursor
  191. Discard incomplete takes not doing its job?
  192. I am an IDIOT and need help and want one of U guys out there to help me please!!!!!!
  193. Bandcamp, Reverbnation, Soundcloud and&
  194. (2) how-to questions for the gurus
  195. Rhythm/Effect plug-in suitable for meditation music
  196. Can't get plugins to work
  197. what does midi transfer?
  198. what are vcas?
  199. VST folder path
  200. Waves has no output
  201. Reference speakers orheadphones ???
  202. midi not sending between tracks?
  203. A Newbie from Reason
  204. How to show MP4 video signal too ??
  205. which record mode for this?
  206. monitor input vs monitor input (tape auto style)
  207. before usb?
  208. So where are my backups?
  209. can you tell me some recent analog synthesizers?
  210. How to take clicks and pops out
  211. How to point to my electronic drums
  212. Help with matching a 115 bpm drum loop to 120bpm track please
  213. anyone who watches Remakes of songs in youtube?
  214. can you use guitar pedals for hardware synthesizers?
  215. finger exercises to become better at piano?
  216. audio interface?
  217. effects...knobs
  218. how do you make the wah wah effect?
  219. whats ur opinion about ilok?
  220. Editor window
  221. does it help in any way to buy studio monitors
  222. how do you use a second screen/monitor?
  223. using sends and 2 vst on the same track with seperate fx?
  224. Render issue: final tracks sound different
  225. Multiple Midi Tracks To One MIDI Channel?
  226. how can there be so many problems before reaper 5 comes out
  227. Surround Encoded for Headphones - New Concept
  228. bass clef treble cleff
  229. sad thing is gear doesn't make great songs!
  230. Loudness Meter Plugin ?Unresponsive
  231. Assigning MIDI Messages
  232. to what are these drums connected to
  233. have you ever attended a music technology event?
  234. 88 note piano
  235. Subgroup Questions
  236. No Guitar Rig Sound
  237. Midi piano roll problem -- black keys are not accessible?!!
  238. how to do a voice effect?
  239. Connecting drum machine to Scarlet Solo
  240. Trying to select a single track...but all tracks move
  241. Reaper is crashing, don't know why
  242. Maschine (V1) help with midi problem please
  243. Quick question...
  244. Help with some VSTs
  245. Matching tempo of imported mp3
  246. FX with Mono tracks and the Plugin Pin Connector: SO CONFUSED!!
  247. I need a vsti to play back sampled instruments
  248. Does reaper have a clip list?
  249. I think i should've downloaded 32x
  250. Unwanted Track Duplication During Playback