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  1. Welcome to LICEcap
  2. FR : Pause hot key
  3. strange behavior
  4. How to compile the source ?
  5. simple tip for creating video titles using licecap
  6. ficker as lcf item repeats
  7. Should i render to gif ? or avi ? or mkv?
  8. FR: Set recording window size via a form
  9. Ain't it always something?
  10. if we could record sound to gif...ahhh
  11. Support for more than just 7-bit ASCII in title screen?
  12. FR: direct upload to user preferred image hosting service
  13. Better pre-roll notification, please
  14. FR: Simple text insert feature
  15. Not understanding LICEcap
  16. no Reaper tooltips captured
  17. strange result
  18. FR: Capture just one still image please
  19. any chance in hell?
  20. FR: Make LICEcap For Mac
  21. FR: Record / Save As Animated PNG (APNG)
  22. licecap problem (everything is BLACK)
  23. Small features that would make LICEcap the greatest screen capture software on Earth
  24. Questions...
  25. LICEcap questions....?
  26. Linux Version and Movie Format?
  27. licecap 1.2 released
  28. 'View in browser' button
  29. 'Always on top' option when not recording
  30. 'Remaining time' option
  31. Great add on to LICEcap...
  32. this is such a neat program!
  33. "Big font" not seen
  34. ini file in licecap folder
  35. FR: AlwaysOnTop checkbox
  36. Problem: Don't Save directly to GIF
  37. licecap as image
  38. Portable Install
  39. LICEcap webpage translated into Chinese
  40. FR: display of right/middle mouse click and modifier keys
  41. FR: Make Licecap for Linux
  42. FR: Start "paused" to give me a chance.
  43. dual monitors?
  44. licecap
  45. Settings?
  46. Great app
  47. 1.23
  48. Minor bug causes INI-file to grow
  49. bug with russian symbols
  50. Minor UI issue in Windows 8.1
  51. Licecap & changing main text size, bad choice
  52. SuperAntiSpyware detects ADWARE
  53. Capture Offset on Windows 8
  54. Black screen w/mouse pointer
  55. Source Code?
  56. Branding
  57. Windows 8
  58. Remove the mouse cursor
  59. stuck in STOP mode
  60. How to increase gif's speed?
  61. My GIF won't playback infinitely...just once :(
  62. LICEcap 1.25 beta is up
  63. LiceCap doesn't stay in focus.
  64. Can I run lifecap via cmd line?
  65. LICEcap 1.24 not working in Windows XP
  66. why does my gifs get like this?
  67. GIF resizing
  68. Almost too good to be true
  69. Chocolatey package
  70. UTF-8 text inserting
  71. It crashes when I try to make LCF files
  72. Screen To Gif
  73. Recording to animated GIFs, the Hard Way
  74. Issue with LiceCap not respecting Windows 10 Zoom Level
  75. LICEcap 1.26
  76. No-padding and window-oriented modes
  77. Screen capture video program
  78. Pause hotkey combination
  79. LICEcap not working properly win10-64bit
  80. More advance features request
  81. LICEcap v1.26 for Windows
  82. thank you for this usefull software !
  83. Blurry gifs on Mac
  84. can i force frame rate?
  85. lice-cap does not work anymor
  86. 2 Basic Questions re: GIF/LCF & Import to REAPER
  87. Cursor Pointer/Focus feature
  88. Crashes with Nahmic (laptop audio utility)
  89. Totally unusable on Macbook Retina OSX 10.11
  90. Bug: In Linux Wine, mouse cursor disappears when any mouse button is clicked
  91. iOS version?
  92. FR: Fullscreen capture
  93. Free program for managing lcf files?
  94. I can't install Licecap in C:
  95. Option to place logo over gif?
  96. Font name?
  97. 64-bit version of LICEcap?
  98. Snap to window?
  99. Maybe a Linux release, why not?
  100. My LICEcaps are always too big as attachment, WHY ?!
  101. 1.28 not recording after new window pops up
  102. option to edit text in title frame of existing LICEcap
  103. I localized LICEcap v1.28-win to Japanese. (LICEcapを日本語化してみました。)
  104. Dimensions increment
  105. “LICEcap.app” needs to be updated for macOS Catalina 10.15.1
  106. Getting rid of the black border
  107. Not working on macOS Mojave + NVidea GeForce GTX 760
  108. TrackCtl_SetToolTip-tooltips are not recorded with LiceCap
  109. All black capture on Mac OS on secondary monitor
  110. LiceCap not working in Mac OS: Big Sur
  111. Ways to sponsor LiceCap development / donate
  112. Larger text possible?
  113. mouse clicks within frame?
  114. Accents, cedilla, apostrophes don't work
  115. LiceCap no longer works under MacOS Sonoma
  116. Solved: macOS records only desktop?