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  1. (old pre-release thread) REAPER for Linux: general discussion/setup/bugs
  2. REAPER for Linux: how to use windows plug-ins
  3. REAPER for Linux: native linux plugins
  4. Linux->Wine->VST Security Considerations?
  5. Easiest Linux Distribution for Just Recording from Behringer X32 Mixer
  6. At Last, a place to call home
  7. linux specific bugs in 5.93
  8. What is and isn't there in the Linux builds?
  9. Linux installer
  10. Open in external editor
  11. REAPER 5.93 - some bugs and improvements
  12. Looking for methods to create drums
  13. Thank You!!
  14. UserPlugins undetected in KXStudio
  15. ALSA vs JACK latency experiences
  16. Nice Install on Lubuntu 17.10
  17. Plugins question
  18. Reaper for Android
  19. Linux ?
  20. Just to remind everyone of the Airwindows Linux plugins...
  21. Remember jack and alsa midi and audio port connections
  22. What's the likely future of Linux VSTs?
  23. Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 audio interface
  24. MANDA Powerdrumkit issue
  25. Reaper Linux and themes
  26. Anyone running OK at 192k?
  27. Building Wine from source
  28. Extemely jerky 60fps playback using FFMPEG
  29. Installing SWS on gtk2
  30. Observation - new installation. Do we still need Wine?
  31. How ready is Linux Reaper for big projects, lots of VSTs, lots of routing.
  32. WINE installation questions
  33. Connecting midi devices on ALSA
  34. 5.94 on Linux is the bomb!
  35. ReaPlugs
  36. ALSA Underrun Recovery
  37. What is your experience with the preempt_rt patch vs. an rt-linux kernel?
  38. WINE File|Open menu issue
  39. ALSA: error opening input device
  40. LV2 and Windows VST support
  41. REAPER for Linux bugs
  42. Organizing and managing plugin folders
  43. MIDI notes stopped generating events on some tracks only
  44. Running reaper in a Linux chroot
  45. Carla Plugin Host Newbie Questions
  46. Recommended Distro?
  47. Color/theme issues (Linux)
  48. Load lua script inside Reaper in a hidden directory?
  49. Midi devices not seen
  50. Pointer Lock under KDE Plasma Wayland
  51. How to config theme for 2560 x 1440 display?
  52. ALSA: error setting input device period size
  53. Trouble getting EZDrummer to work (Solved!)
  54. VSTi host and latency
  55. ReaLauncher on Linux
  56. REAPER Performance on Linux vs Windows
  57. What DE is everyone using?
  58. QjackCtrl Scripts
  59. REAPER for Linux Documentation
  60. Linux starting out questions
  61. LinuxSampler load Fantasia GUI
  62. If only someone could make a distro for Reaper
  63. existing Kubuntu system - modification?
  64. Proof of concept
  65. OT: Any Linux Calculators that don't suck?
  66. VST - carla - jackd?
  67. Can't open a project with Opus files?
  68. syn dssi wrapper
  69. Linux native amp sim Vsts for guitar
  70. LinuxSampler Basic Howto
  71. [SOLVED]Printing keyboard shorcuts
  72. ALSA MIDI Issues
  73. Where do I set threadirq flag?
  74. How to install SWS plugins in Reaper Linnux?
  75. Linux roundtrip latency of your audio device
  76. 2 part Qu for Linux noob
  77. Overwrite option for color chooser?
  78. REAPER for Linux is working quite well!
  79. Linux Mint Debian (LMDE)
  80. MT Power Drum Kit w/ Wine?
  81. Kubuntu (linux-lowlatency) & Nvidia driver?
  82. A good video about setting up Linux for music production
  83. Image a Linux HD
  84. Wineasio no longer working FIXED!
  85. Anyone knows what fonts missing here? [SOLVED]
  86. Plug-in GUI Resizing
  87. RT Kernel Distro list
  88. Will Linux Reaper do what I want?
  89. Setting up RME800 Help (FFADO)
  90. UFW / GUFW /IPTables / netfilter
  91. LinVST Questions
  92. Pulseaudio gets RT scheduling error
  93. Will ARA2 be in Reaper linux?
  94. Drag and drop from FX browser does not work
  95. Which is better repos of studio or ubuntu studio?
  96. ReaRoute in Reaper for Linux -> Harrison Mixbus
  97. Linux Rocks
  98. Transport Sync
  99. Reaper and Steinberg UR 242....is that working?
  100. Latency for vst plugins on linux
  101. special hotkeys don't work
  102. Native Linux plugins that work and sound good
  103. Which install to use on AVLinux?
  104. LinVST Error Message
  105. IAnother question. This time about Reapack
  106. Installing Reaper rather than using as portable
  107. Best JS EFFECTs
  108. A completely unREAPER question
  109. Additional Mouse Buttons in Reaper
  110. Can I use my Windows PC config file?
  111. Plugin causes segmentation fault
  112. How to use lv2vst ?
  113. Path settings for Reaper (Win, Linux)
  114. Is there a log file to trace crashes?
  115. Any thoughts on Haiku (operating system)?
  116. Cracking noise in MIDI Editor?!?
  117. Alt modifier key and Xfce
  118. Midi not working right when playing live
  119. You guys are serious about Linux Reaper Implimentations.
  120. Reaper Experimental Linux Version Installation Question
  121. Hear my midifiles in Reaper Linux
  122. TXwX Software Sampler - anyone using it in Linux?
  123. REAPER for Windows vs REAPER for Linux
  124. Organizing Projects
  125. Nothing But REAPER
  126. sonarworks activation issue
  127. Any native format besides VST supported?
  128. Reaper UserPlugin Lookup Folders
  129. Need help setting up a sampler/sequencer similar to FL Studio's.
  130. What is your recording set-up? Native Linux OS & Hardware?
  131. testing and have couple questions
  132. Back to Linux after 5 years on MacOS...& Loving it!
  133. what is your BUDGET REAPER recording studio build?
  134. Some questions about native Linux Reaper...
  135. how to use LSP drum sampler w/ Reaper?
  136. LinVST error - lin-vst-server/vst not found or LinVst version mismatch
  137. Thanks for porting Reaper to Linux
  138. ReaTrak on Linux
  139. [SOLVED] Reinstalled Linux Mint Debian - MT Powerdrumkit refuse to start
  140. MIDI from Reaper to SuperCollider [SOLVED]
  141. EZ way to lay drums (patterns & beats) in Native Linux REAPER. fast - free
  142. OT Linux Window Manager Question
  143. Migration - Kubuntu to Manjaro KDE
  144. Meters are going & monitoring is on, but there is no sound. Please help?
  145. The Linux Forum Got Demoted!
  146. Bridge?
  147. Linux not ready for audio production
  148. SWS Extensions
  149. Frontier Design Group's AlphaTrack
  150. Speech Software Synthesizer VST SPEEK 3 Works! check it out!
  151. Clean Current Project Directory Problem
  152. Waves - Wine-Staging
  153. Hi dpi 4k screen on linux
  154. Alsa/Jack Periods and a Feature Request
  155. OverTone Plugins
  156. Update Reaper in Linux
  157. U-he Protoverb
  158. Linux Sampler Project
  159. Tunefish Synth for Win/MacOS & Linux
  160. RaveGenerator II WORKS! on Reaper Native Linux
  161. Drum/Pattern editor (nice fast sketch pad or beats etc.)
  162. Native access
  163. Anyone got Drumgizmo working?
  164. Take properties
  165. MIDI stutters on one machine
  166. software ilok-manager in your linux? share your details?
  167. Win VST Assistance
  168. Track Icons
  169. Linux Readme and libswell is wrong
  170. Good stand alone Linux Soft Synths...got any?
  171. Video cababilities in latest Reaper test versions on Linux
  172. extra mouse buttons not recognized + shortcuts
  173. What themes are you using?
  174. how to disable or unbind nvidia audio device?
  175. Who has created CUSTOM Desktop Enviroment...what Window Manager?
  176. How to sync JACK with REAPER's transport?
  177. Getting started with Carla
  178. Need a little help getting Linux Mint up and running
  179. hardware recommendation?
  180. how to stretch..
  181. set up keyboard macro key to run custom action?
  182. Feature Request: Native Windows/Wine VST(i) Bridge
  183. Who else has Reaper running on 'Touch Screen'
  184. Why can I not set Reaper to use ALSA?
  185. Arch - Building LinVST
  186. Reaper freezing and I need to restart computer
  187. How do you record speaker output? without speakers?
  188. Reaper on Raspberry Pi HIFIBERRY DIGI+ I/O Question
  189. HowTo - Devuan KDE(latest) systemd free debian based OS setup
  190. Kontakt suddenly taking approx 40 seconds to load [SOLVED!]
  191. ALSA SoundCard Matrix /Sound Card & Interface List/ Drivers/ Platforms - info site
  192. threshold action issue?
  193. Free drum sampler with native Linux version
  194. Can't install ReaPack on KXStudio
  195. Finally Joined the REAPER Linux Club!!
  196. Reaper Faderport drivers supported in Linux?
  197. how to install lin-vst in manjaro?
  198. item fx approach?
  199. Will we ever see thumbnails for track icons?
  200. REAPER for Linux Documentation - Discussion thread
  201. Drag & drop issue in plugin windows (e.g. EZDrummer)
  202. Which Audio Device to use and how to set them up?
  203. Slow/laggy UI
  204. Xhip Synthesizer & some effects
  205. Can't adjust sliders by scrolling?
  206. dpMeter 3
  207. threadirqs & update-initramfs with manjaro?
  208. REAPER Pi
  209. Calf Plugins with lv2 to vst wrapper
  210. Native Linux Reaper vs Windows Reaper through WINE
  211. Pushing REAPER for Linux
  212. confused about how to install js plugins in linux
  213. Update your Linux NOW!!!
  214. Raspberry Pi Auto Recorder?
  215. Linux and Presonus Firepod
  216. The right way to migrate preferencies and future backup.
  217. media explorer question
  218. crashing..
  219. How difficult could it be to get low enough latency on Linux?
  220. Best native linux Grit or Grime FX? Artifacting and Glitching.
  221. Xhip Plugins
  222. ReaPack won't show up (Ubuntu MATE 18.04)
  223. How do I open Media Item in external editor?
  224. Control a tracks volume by the volume of another track?
  225. Making Reaper show up in Jack
  226. MT-PowerDrumkit in development for Linux
  227. AAS Session Bundle Free
  228. basic question about xruns
  229. Copying/Moving large files gets slower and slower
  230. Video editing noob question
  231. Zyn Fusion crash
  232. Harmor vsti anyone?
  233. Anybody Using M-Audio 2496 with Reaper/Linux?
  234. SWS official download link on SWS extension website
  235. Justin, could you update SWS on landoleet?
  236. Unable to import WAV files created with Reaper Windows
  237. How/where do I change prio on my soundcard?
  238. Anyone running wine-staging 4.0-2?
  239. new synth in progress..
  240. Reverse items as new take
  241. Modicia OS anyone using it? sound server problem.
  242. Saw a video how to Install Arch Linux....yeeesus!
  243. carla question
  244. Justin or Jack ... got a minute?
  245. Modicia OS running Reaper Native & Reaper Windows simultaneously
  246. Native Linux Reverbs
  247. [SOLVED] Set $SOUND_CARD_IRQ to the IRQ of your soundcard?
  248. LUFS / LKFS vst meter
  249. [SOLVED] Variety Of Sounds Plugin Suite won't work
  250. Helm hangs in REAPER, works in Carla standalone