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  1. Video Playback and Exporting
  2. importing video, separate audio??
  3. Playthrough video recorded with Zoom Q2HD, edited with Reaper
  4. Audio mute for Video Track without video mute.
  5. Timecode Overlay video FX
  6. Video EDITING - Tips, Tricks & Questions
  7. Noobie video editing question: Fade to black
  8. Video editing question: pausing the video
  9. Video Processor Title Text Overlay Font Color
  10. Video Processor = RGB White Balance / Colour Grading
  11. Video Compare overlay?
  12. How to sync video from multiple takes to master audio?
  13. How did Justin do this in Reaper? (video inside)
  14. How to mirror in video processor - kaleidoscope
  15. reaper can't display two video at the same time?
  16. video processor: multiply with alpha, compositing
  17. Is it possible to tell the difference between two videos with API?
  18. Getting individual pixels (via gfx_evalrect() -- edited title)
  19. Video Noob: exporting a video for watching on Iphone.
  20. Creating a loop in the video processor?
  21. Is blur, bokeh, gaussian blur in Video processor possible?
  22. Some video masks for testing with Reapers Video processor
  23. Synchonizing Video to audio
  24. "Stacking" video processors
  25. Wow, a video section!!
  26. Links to additional Video processor presets
  27. Video processor reference...
  28. Set default video preset to be empty...?
  29. Adding photos to a video? (like a slideshow)
  30. Video Codecs & Engine Performance
  31. Freeze frame preset...
  32. No video content on duplicated screen
  33. RGBL histogram
  34. Color correction WIP thread
  35. Reaper over Power Director?
  36. Some Video Codec options missed
  37. 'VHS-effect' is this possible?
  38. Automating video preset parameters should respect the step value...
  39. Strange (bug) behavior of audio controlling video parameters
  40. 2- or more-dimensional video fx parameter control
  41. basic video-editing related questions
  42. Developer notes for 5.963+dev1205 and later, and colorspaces
  43. Using shaders as a video preset?
  44. Preventing zoom of picture in video-window
  45. Is there any denoiser preset?
  46. Karaoke tekst - possible in Reaper?
  47. Subprojects using only 1 Video file
  48. VLC decoder bug dropes last frames of video clips
  49. Some help with this video...?
  50. Zoomed images moving to roughly
  51. preset share - rectangle annotation
  52. parameter modulating videoprocessor fx possible?
  53. Can track (video) fx only affect one track?
  54. FR: Loop source should be enabled by default for images
  55. BUG: invert on transparent image doesn't work as expected
  56. FR: Bypass checkbox on Video processor UI
  57. FR: Higher precision Text overlay
  58. Q: Possible to smooth looping?
  59. Q: Split screen?
  60. 'Text box' in videoprocessor - possible?
  61. REQ: Fish-eye correction filter
  62. Reverse video - possible?
  63. BUG: YUV decode
  64. REQ: Opacity/zoom/pan - center frame
  65. REQ: Rotate preset
  66. BUG: MJPEG export noise
  67. What's the best way to edit together a large number of synchronized takes?
  68. Resizing blur presets
  69. Audio wav form disappears in Video?
  70. My new VLC Auto split extension!
  71. Rendering Multiple Selected Video Tracks
  72. [SOLVED] FR: Play-Pause-Stop buttons in the Video Window
  73. Saving to MP4 files ??
  74. Feature Request: New image scaling option
  75. MPG Video Won't Play in Reaper, Plays Fine in VLC
  76. Dolby Digital 5.1 AC3 Channels
  77. BUG? Save As, Move all media...
  78. SD Widescreen & YouTube [Solved]
  79. Davinci Resolve File Format
  80. H.265 support?
  81. Is it possible to do parameter modulation with the video processor?
  82. dragging in video window linked to parameters is AMAZING!
  83. Apidocs: Video Processor
  84. Chroma key overlay rotation
  85. playeing specific videos for dubbing uses in france
  86. Sound, but no picture!
  87. Get item name in video processor
  88. Cropping Video
  89. Video Cross Fade Problem
  90. Making an icon bob by sidechain audio?
  91. Is it possible to convert a photo to video?
  92. Can the new spectrogram and oscilliscope have clear background
  93. vignette preset?
  94. How To Convert .MTS Video (Sony Cameras) to .MKV using FFMPEG
  95. Can we get FLAC in MKV export working?
  96. How can I adapt the text overlay preset to alter the border?
  97. Synchronizing video with Reaper (Vocalist is on the video)
  98. Image overlay zoom very poor quality
  99. Random black frames in rendered video
  100. I made a utility to create proxy video files for Reaper video editing. Please test!
  101. .MOV as .wav from DaVinci Resolve
  102. Exporting video - too small size
  103. Impossible Smooth Playback with ProRes
  104. Incomplete video import
  105. Video Codecs
  106. Video freezing intermittently
  107. Video cut detection processor (and ReaScript to add markers)
  108. How to make fancy video transitions
  109. Spectrum Analyzer - How to add Slope & Smoothing
  110. Multiple video's at the same time ?
  111. "Item fades affect video" overridden by item volume env.
  112. Frame Rates on video screen
  113. Playback glitch on edits between two different video files
  114. How to set the colour of texts?
  115. FR kinda? Parameter modulation with video processor
  116. REAPERBlog video tools - presets and training
  117. Winamp visualisations in reaper video
  118. Issues with mixing video with different frame rates...?
  119. Video Render - 1 frame out
  120. Preset for Text Rotation & Text Size Automation
  121. Can Reaper do this (replace Acapella APP on IOS)
  122. Computer Crashing with Video in Reaper
  123. flv videos won't load
  124. Current laptop for Reaper video editing?
  125. Items in higher numbered tracks replace lower...
  126. How can I replace audio of a video file in Reaper?
  127. Frame drops in video playback between cuts / splits
  128. How to online render audio with video preview?
  129. Video Processor var/function for track number & total track count
  130. video follows automation points movements
  131. GLUE deletes the VIDEO part ????
  132. Create videos from photos
  133. Recording video in Reaper direct
  134. VLC decoder uses considerably more RAM than ffmpeg
  135. Resolution of video gets scaled down when adding image overlay
  136. making slideshows: picture duration, xfades vs. hard changes?
  137. How to add custom presets for dedicated video processor items?
  138. Need to export Video + Rendered Audio as MP4
  139. [SOLVED] Multi camera mode
  140. Dumb question from noob
  141. Beat Detect reaper
  142. Can I replicate Vimeo's video rate reduction in REAPER?
  143. Consolidate Video tracks?
  144. Removing sound from video?
  145. Remove subtitles from video?
  146. MP4 instead of MOV when rendering ??
  147. Video output to DeckLink SDI 4K
  148. Reaper AAC support request
  149. Text in videos ???
  150. Mute-Button deactivates Video
  151. Reaper plays video in media explorer,but not when added to arrange?
  152. Vectorscope and LUT files
  153. Jagged edges on moving objects
  154. Vordio and Snap-To-Grid timing issues
  155. Skipped frames
  156. Anything like a lens flare effect?
  157. Is Reaper able to render a 1:1 aspect ratio file from a 16:9 project?
  158. Can't find H.264 codec
  159. Struggling with fade out/fade in transition (should be easy)
  160. Noob question: What is the use of gfx_blit actually?
  161. Bad AAC Audio quality on video export
  162. REAPER not seeing multichannel audio on .mkv
  163. Help with text overlay and image resolution in Reaper Video
  164. Trapezeidal distortion
  165. Text editing along audio crashes my computer
  166. What video format(s) does Reaper support?
  167. Oscilloscope tweak
  168. Blur moving object (url,password,face)
  169. Disable The video ( Not rendering to audio )
  170. Code for showing a grid of any number of videos with automatic column and row count
  171. reverse image sequence video
  172. Finding vlc video codec but not displaying in video window
  173. Using functions from the GUI portion of JSFX for video processing?
  174. Video delayed playback
  175. A Couple Of Video Questions
  176. Converting Video files to "less heavy": How ?
  177. Talking avatar in Reaper?
  178. Different frame rates in project?
  179. [SOLVED] Divide video by the number of tracks
  180. Video item thumbnails not showing
  181. Video Import Help mp4
  182. Video playback opencl/opengl
  183. Exporting with Alpha (transparent background)
  184. Separate audio from video
  185. Amazing NLE Video
  186. Working for Film Scoring
  187. Exporting multiple Videos of different sizes
  188. Complex video editing in Reaper - virtual choir example
  189. Debugging the Video Processor
  190. VideoSamples.zip?
  191. Video multi-image/audio - Reaper or OBS?
  192. Specify rendered video file thumbnail image frame
  193. Limitation to 8 audio channels per video item
  194. video fade in troubles
  195. Saving/Exporting Edited Audio without Re-rendering Video?
  196. Rotate preset for video?
  197. Reaper Goes Unresponsive Playing Video
  198. HELP, Please - Video Not Displaying Properly in Reaper?
  199. Video processor: TEXT
  200. Adding images
  201. Script to crop video sides?
  202. I need a video processor/gfx tutorial. Anyone can help?
  203. SOLVED: Is gfx_triangle() deprecated?
  204. video items visibility and color grading interact...
  205. Cannot play video in Reaper, problem with VLC?
  206. Text overlay MOD with color, shadow and font type
  207. Video to Circle video processor plugin (edit)
  208. Compositing modes ?
  209. NDI Support ? (+ Video with alpha?)
  210. Databending Video > Audio > Video in realtime?
  211. OBS and Reaper, control surfaces not working
  212. Size/length limits for videos?
  213. Image overlay with rotation, for drawing lines and circles on top of a video
  214. Basics of the Video Processor Plugin
  215. Export video Match Source High Bitrate
  216. Problem: Oscilloscope bleeding effect over tracks
  217. Overlaying guitar chord grids
  218. Overlay rectangle MOD
  219. ReaSamplOmatic5000 for video
  220. Overlay Arrow effect
  221. Getting/Setting ignore audio checkbox for video
  222. Overlay image with highlighting
  223. video processor tiny ui
  224. Video picture disappeares ??
  225. Need help with my demo script(solved)
  226. Incorrect frame shown when placing edit cursor + playback start lag
  227. Creating videos with multiple audio tracks (not channels!)
  228. start and stop recording from a distance
  229. ESEF file format
  230. Reverse option for .mov files is not enabled
  231. Adjacent AVCHD items show AV discontinuity (black frames)
  232. Reaper render multichannel 5.1 for video editing
  233. Project Settings Video Frame Rate
  234. Code for flipping video horizontally?
  235. "Wet" effect control?
  236. Export frame as png or jpg
  237. What to do with Reaper outputting huge video files...?
  238. ffmpeg.zeranoe.com closing down, does anyone know where to get new shared ffmpeg libr
  239. Would a better video card improve Reaper's ability to process videos?
  240. Time Limit when rendering Video?
  241. Video Processor plugin text overlay
  242. Media offline when I attempt to insert
  243. Read multi-channel audio in video files?
  244. mp4 video help pls (solved)
  245. No picture only audio on my videos ??
  246. When rendering video an additional frame is added at 29sec and 03 frames
  247. newb programming
  248. RESOLVED: Is making a seamless video loop in Reaper possible?
  249. Video rendering - no audio
  250. Overlay image preset help, please