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  1. REAPER Live - VST host
  2. Reaper for Live Performance
  3. LIVE: still looking for a REAPER VST change/swap method while playing: 2years now:-)
  4. Very simple guide to preset switching via midi?
  5. Reaper for live use: Tabs?
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  9. Little help needed using Reaper live
  10. Tutorial: Reaper as live VST host with SWS Live Configs
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  12. live looping software?
  13. Reaper for LIVE PEFORMANCE?
  14. VSTi and live performance
  15. Reaper for live performance.
  16. Using Reaper Live
  17. What's the Best Laptop For Live under $1,000?
  18. Live Use of REAPER - Will It Do This?
  19. activating tracks via Midi
  20. Developing for live performance
  21. Using Reaper for Live Performance like an MPC 500
  22. Receive input MIDI message from device into reascript
  23. JSFX to distribute keystrokes
  24. How to leave Reaper ?
  25. Who Gigs Live with Reaper?
  26. New Laptop for Live Performance?
  27. Reaper as an Instrument
  28. Pedalboards in REAPER live?
  29. Using Reaper as a live sequencer
  30. Reaper to control Lighs
  31. Reliable and affordable USB interface for live events with REAPER?
  32. Reaper as a light controller
  33. REAPER for live performance
  34. Problem using REAPER live
  35. "Patch and Transpose"
  36. Reaper live?
  37. REAPER as live FOH mixer
  38. Reaper as a live mixer?
  39. Realtime Brick Wall Limiter
  40. Realtime Brick Wall Limiter
  41. Live sound over wifi
  42. Using ducking with Reaper live
  43. Refugee from Ableton/Max-land wanting to port large JS codebase.
  44. Bidule doesnt recognize jbridged plugins in dedicated process?
  45. Help Reducing Latency?
  46. Using Reaper Live
  47. REAPER live band rig
  48. Slow patch change with Kontakt
  49. New dedicated VST Player software
  50. Reaper in Live (Send Signal for Music Pad)
  51. Native Preset Management : more flexibility and per instance handling
  52. Reaper as a live performance platform
  53. Reaper better oriented for LIVE use
  54. Setting reaper for live use
  55. Live Audio Processing
  56. Triggering audio tracks live
  57. live looping with reaper
  58. Reaper as a live Guitar Rig
  59. Anyone using Reaper with a live band?
  60. Switch Project Tab with MIDI Program Change (form Forte)
  61. Live Shows
  62. Reaper for live-audio use?
  63. Smartphone live monitoring
  64. New Subforum "Live / Embedded Use"
  65. Reaper for Live Use: switching between two tabs
  66. Behringer X 32 Live VST use
  67. Windows 10 for a live show use
  68. Use live Reaper, similar to Ableton Live - Read Regions file
  69. I would like some routing help with a live FX set up I use
  70. Bluetooth over MIDI support in Reaper
  71. Redundant System
  72. Can I set up Reaper with a midi keyboard to replicate what Maschine or Push does?
  73. REAPER for live mixing?
  74. X-Touch Compact for Live Playing
  75. Setting up guitar fx chain
  76. Automation using midi keyboard
  77. (Re)Connect USB midi interface on the fly
  78. Backing Tracks for live gigs
  79. Using Reaper Live with a music band
  80. fire an action by a Midi event
  81. Live performance tempo changes
  82. Automatic Project save
  83. Playing Live?
  84. Reaper Live
  85. Live Configs FR: Select Target Track
  86. Use Reaper in live shows?
  87. Kontakt banks
  88. Region Playlist - How to add functionality
  89. SWS Live Configs?
  90. Reaper for live show
  91. JSFX for auto engaging fx
  92. Wireless, battery power FCB1010 - video
  93. Could a spreadsheet action script be made?
  94. Best way to live gig reaper for guitar - MIDI Setup
  95. Change live-playable channels by pressing computer keyboard buttons
  96. setting up midi and SWS Live COnfigs
  97. Brainspawn's Forte discontinued
  98. Techno live
  99. Laptop for live use
  100. MIDI live routing
  101. reaper based live performance midi rack
  102. How do YOU use reaper for live?
  103. WX5 Live Setup bouncing thru the presets
  104. Wireless USB MIDI?
  105. MIDI device immediate detection
  106. Help? Live Processing Issues
  107. MPE MIDI Channel Strip
  108. Most hassle-free way to make non-MPE plugins work like MPE?
  109. Threads suggested to move here
  110. Reaper for Live, on stage, and embedded use.
  111. Some questions concerning live configs
  112. Babyface Pro to cab or to mixer?
  113. ReaScript: Song switcher for live use
  114. check the realtime audio performance of a Windows PC
  115. Little Latency on Transport buttons
  116. Custom actions for looping/live performance
  117. Live Recordings for Sale on USB for sale immediately after a show
  118. Is There a way to avoid silent gap when hit play ?
  119. need help - playback setlist for fire artist
  120. Audio stop/reset at playback start
  121. Looper control - Mobius
  122. region and midi control for next
  123. Created new window for live use
  124. Can Reaper perform this function from Zenaud.io's ALK?
  125. Recording Live
  126. Recording a live band
  127. Fx Bypass Mute/unmute behavior question
  128. Binkbeats, Live Setup
  129. Changing Reaper presets on different channels (live)
  130. Best way to trigger backing tracks Live
  131. Changing selected track from an encoder?
  132. resetting clock
  133. Trying Forte for Live playing
  134. Camelot for Live playing
  135. Insert pre-recorded Automation Item via action ?
  136. Drums triggering pre programmed synth parts, live looping and beat smashing
  137. Midi sync with Reaper
  138. Tone for Redundant System stops with Pause - How do I keep it running?!
  139. insert delay for realtime AV sync
  140. Live looping project template and custom actions
  141. Need help with integrating 2 Reapers for LiveStream
  142. How does Reaper play as an in-ear monitor system?
  143. How Viking Guitar uses REAPER for his live show audio and video
  144. Loop until triggered quirkiness
  145. Live Config Problems
  146. Live Playback Loop Use Case
  147. Collaboration on a Versatile Patch Changer
  148. Reaper for broadcast radio and PA
  149. problem switching presets in TH3 plugin
  150. Live Mixing Experiment
  151. Alesis Vortex 2 Keytar
  152. Looking for Suggestions for a Live setup
  153. X-Touch-mini with Motor-Fader simulation
  154. Looking for new live performance computer
  155. Ableton-style global quantize
  156. Live Chord Input Playing Try Out
  157. Send Program Change on Track Arm
  158. Miditoreacontrolpath vst
  159. Pedal bored 2.0
  160. Script for Uploading Files to Web Service for Downloading/Streaming (Nerd Alert!)
  161. Reaper keyboard rig with Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol
  162. Best way to setup 70 songs setlist for live performance
  163. Super8Looper Tips & Tricks
  164. Real-time sampling and manipulation
  165. Playlist for live use?
  166. Solo BUS for LIVE Mix (PFL)
  167. LivePresets extension: Total recall for Reaper settings
  168. Looping
  169. MIDI input cracks / latency?
  170. Live playlist solutions
  171. REAPER 6 officially replaces Waves Tracks Live!
  172. Using Reaper as virtual mixer for live streaming (Mac/OBS/Facebook Live)
  173. MIDI Pedel Down/Up With MIDI Filter
  174. [WIP] Sequenced looping teaser (a la ALK2)
  175. Comprehensive Reaper setup for live
  176. Live performance organ
  177. crescendo
  178. Virtual Guitar Pedalboard, with external controller?
  179. PDC and delay compensation when mixing with plugins that need PDC
  180. REALIVE: A live configuration for Reaper
  181. [mostly answered in other thread] Live Configs sticky info still current? Opinions?
  182. Coupler like real church organ.
  183. Church Live stream sound mixing with Reaper
  184. My first try at live looping in Reaper
  185. Reaper Live Plugin host Portable PC/MAC 64bit
  186. Buffer underruns
  187. Smooth versatile tap tempo
  188. Ableton Session Experience?
  189. Using Reaper in Zoom meetings
  190. Round trip latency
  191. Reaper as Plugin Host for Mixing
  192. Unique Visual/Click track setup - Looking for help!
  193. Skype guitar session this weekend 11-8 or 9
  194. Live Stream w/MIDI Controller
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  196. Opening Plugin GUI Audio noise
  197. Reaper with Touchscreen THEME
  198. Reaper intense use for shows: video
  199. Master effects / midi-learnable performance FX plugins
  200. Particular midi cc changes within Reaper
  201. Techno session training with Reaper
  202. Best Way to Use Reaper for Lights?
  203. using reaper with dj controller
  204. Sync reaper region and external gear pattern with program change
  205. ReaLearn 2 is here
  206. Loop an item in one track while recording in another
  207. Reaper 6.23 troca de timbres com o Kontakt 6
  208. Most efficient method for switching VSTis
  209. Best Structure To Use Live
  210. REAPER for monitoring audio levels and trigger MIDI
  211. Building a live set. One project or sepaparte projects for each song?
  212. Settings to improve live performance with Reaper?
  213. How to create a consitent output buffer/delay?
  214. Reatune Manual Correction Edit Points Moving Differently Than Audio Items
  215. Put digital too long from house mix mix
  216. A simple groovebox-like workflow
  217. Midi/osc to control track volume but not with Actions
  218. Live Keys Scripts
  219. rpp file becomes corrupt after a while
  220. Midi controller CC for toggle Track Mute
  221. Send program change on project load
  222. Any way to insert a tempo marker on tap tempo?
  223. "Mic Listen" "internal monitoring" what is it actually?
  224. Seamless Change Between Patches w/sustain pedal
  225. What's the best way to change patches live in reaper
  226. Scaler in Reaper for Live Performance
  227. Script for live backing tracks - click tracks, samples, etc
  228. (Bounty) Tempo change tool/script for live use
  229. Recording with AVB + AVID S6L? Any experience?
  230. Physical arrangement of live rig: advice needed
  231. Mac Mini M1
  232. Is it possible to work in Reaper as in Setlists app or Camelot Pro?
  233. Solo jamming with Reaper - crikey, it's fun!
  234. Select tab with MIDI CC or Program Change
  235. Fixing Regions and BPM
  236. Turn smart bulb red while recording
  237. Windows account dedicated to Reaper?
  238. 'Fade Mute' Action?
  239. Moving gear around?
  240. Crossfade between two regions when clicking play on next region
  241. Minimal acoustic setup?
  242. Where to put laptop and interface?
  243. preset change not influencing playback?
  244. Web Remote more_me
  245. Laptop on stage: closed lid?
  246. Random crackles at low CPU usage (doesn't happen in Ableton)
  247. Video playback during live show (wireless HDMI)
  248. Help with using Reaper/VST/Soft Synths for live performance
  250. Omnisphere in Reaper has Latency Issue