View Full Version : Multi Instrument Out - SOund going through folder track AND correct track

06-22-2007, 01:02 PM
Hi All

Kind of new to Reaper and having an issue when I setup a multi out instrument e.g. battery. Setup 4 stereo channels and 8 mono (16 outs).

I can route all outputs to individual tracks no problem. However if I have Battery on a folder track and have all the stereo 1/2 > 7/8 and mono 9 - 16 tracks underneath and I route say a hihat loop to play out of stereo 1/2 the sound will come out from this track AND the folder track. So it is in effect going to the master twice.

If it is playing say through 7/8 then the folder track mixer channel will not register any sound and the correct 7/8 will have the sound playing through correctly.

How can i correctly setup output 1/2 to go to mixer channel 1/2 only.

If i explain badly i could post up some images of what i mean.

Thanks all