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07-25-2007, 10:59 AM
Hey Justin

well i bought one and am hoping to test it with the existing reaper code for MCU and 2 XT's since it does mackie protocol and baby hui etc. any suggestions on what i might try for best results with the code now??


i am pretty sure it sets up like the MCU and 2 XT's in terms of sets of 8 faders etc


thanks justin

07-27-2007, 10:36 AM
how well is this working?

07-27-2007, 10:57 AM
haven't got it yet. i ordered it from sweetwater and the order then goes to ML and they custom make it for the order and test it before sending it out, which is kind of nice. and the support so far has been stellar right from them, in terms of me emailing questions and them getting right back to me

i am hoping most or a good part of it (at least the 24 faders, mute, solo, record, pans) will work with the code in reaper now for mackie MCU and XT's.

i told them that if they got justin a demo one that he would write a template for it and will follow up on that as i see how it works in reaper.

07-27-2007, 11:13 AM
I just talked to them. Great guys so far! I assume he told you to try setup mode 3 for REAPER?

I cant wait to see how this works for you!

norbury brook
07-29-2007, 03:20 PM
I'd be interested in this too if it weren't for the lack of scribble strips.I like to have the track names under/over the actual track not stacked on the lcd display.


07-30-2007, 04:52 AM
hey pipe, yep thats how i am going to try it when i get it and i to wish it had the display above each track like an MCU but the capabilities and build quality, support for me outweight the small display.

hopefully it will be here this week! whoo hoo! then i am going to start noodling around.

again i mentioned to kevin about getting justin one so he could write a kick ass template for it. if worse comes to wrose i may send it to him myself!

08-02-2007, 10:51 AM
its here!

set it up last night and started with the stock sonar template since i have sonar also, will try and learn the ins and outs with that some and then try the basic HUI stuff for reaper and see where we get. will post more as i learn more.


08-02-2007, 12:59 PM
biting nails here

08-02-2007, 08:06 PM
First run thru was with the sonar template and USB. since a template had been written i wanted to see the depth. but first

the build quality is like a tank, seems to be all metal and the knobs are sooooo much better then the mackie's (and yes i had an MCu and 2 xt's). jog wheel is solid and smooth as silk. the buttons are clicky, not as good as the macki IMHO, i liked the easy push down of the mackie's and the mackie's were quier BUT these are better made if that makes sense

ok the faders to me are smooth as silk to run up and down, but so are the MCU's etc, so a tie, and i have to give the fader cap to the mackie here, these seem a little lite and plasticy, but the are alps faders/motors and ihave read that their reputation is very good.

physically you get 24 faders and a TON of interaction with your DAW all in one unit, made really well.

it is not sexy, i was torn between this and a tascam DM4800, which to me is sexy but way to complicated for anything i will ever need or use. this strikes me as the dodge ram of mixers. not every thinks they are hot but they will get you practically anywhere for a long time. this strikes me as a unit i will have around 10 years from now id i decide to.

you can dress it up with a front leather armrest and sides (mahogany) but for 325 more thats not happening

ok, i had some trouble with this and a tranzport both being connected in sonar USB, it just confilcted everywhere. when i set this up MIDI thru my RME FF 800 it just jumps tp life and is perfect

oh and support, is UNREAL, Kevin listened to my early complaints (mostly about things i hadn't learned yet) and responded always politely and within a very short period of time. picture Justin here

i can't delve into the depth of the programing now because i haven't done much yet. but here are some blurbs from the manual for you on what it does with sonar (also cubase, Pro toools, nuendo, etc)

oh one minus for me is NO dedicated master fader!! there are 24 faders TOTAL, so i did not knwo that when i bought it and was dissapointed by that, quite a bit actually but you can assign a fader to be it or just use your mouse.

ok some blurbs i tink you would want to know and would want reaper to support

M24 is the first control surface to feature complete equalizer, dynamics and auxiliary send control sections promoting control familiarity like a traditional analog console with all controls available at once for the selected channel. The M24 is the first control surface to support in-depth control of multiple plug-in effects at once, on a single channel or across multiple channels. You can have several different equalizers plug-ins inserted across multiple channels and be able to jump from channel to channel and use the same equalizer controls to control similar functions in equalizer plug-ins from different manufacturers. You could also have several different compressor plug-ins inserted across multiple channels with all controls for the compressors and the equalizers available at the same time. Faders can also be used for plug-in control and any control can be reassigned as needed.

The top row of the M24 has 8 controls labeled SEND 1-8 and 8 switches and leds labeled PRE / POST. The top row also has 8 controls and switches labeled for dynamics. Cakewalk Sonar can have up to 16 effect sends (Aux Buses) per channel depending on the number Aux Buses assigned in the Sonar Audio Options menu. The M24 will use as many of the controls in the top row as needed for the number of currently assigned effect sends (Aux Buses). Any unused controls can be assigned to plug-in effects as needed. For example, you could have 8 Aux Buses selected in the Audio Options menu and the M24 controls labeled SEND 1- 8 would now function as Aux send volume controls for Aux Buses 1-8 and the 8 switches labeled PRE / POST would function for send pre/post select for the selected channel. You could assign the controls labeled for dynamics to plug-in compressors inserted on several channels from different manufacturers and as you selected different channels the controls would become active on any channel with a plug-in compressor mapped to the dynamics controls. (Refer to the Plug-in section for more)

The PAN controls can be made to control the Input Volume Trim Levels

When connected to Cakewalk Sonar the M24 has two internal automation modes, Punch for quick changes to the automation data and Latch for longer changes

You can also arm or unarm all tracks for automation at once.

The M24 features the ability to enable or disable individual parameters on any track or all tracks at once for automation.

The M24 allows the user to map a plug-in effect’s on-screen controls to any of the controls on the M24 and save the map as an editable file. Any M24 controls can be used including faders and the control map is only active when the BUSS 1 / PLUG IN led is lit. Plug-ins assigned to EQ, or unused Dynamics or Send controls will remain active even when the PLUG IN led is not lit. The PLUG IN led only changes the function of controls that have a current function. You can assign different maps to different plug-ins or if you use more than one of the same plug-in on a single channel, you can even assign different control maps to each instance of the same plug-in on that channel. You can also have different maps assigned and active for more than one plug-in at a time on the active channel. For example, if you have an equalizer plug-in on insert one and its on-screen controls assigned to the M24 equalizer section, and you have a compressor plug-in effect on insert two, you could assign its controls to the dynamics section of the M24. In this way the M24 would function like a stand-alone digital mixer, but with one major difference. You could have different types of equalizers on each channel and different compressors and still be able to jump from channel to channel and use the same familiar controls.

ok thats enough, probaby way more then you need. but if you want a copy of the manul just PM me and i will send it. again its not for everyone but i do better with a real analog console feel and this is far better, for me then the MCU and 2 XT's, but i probably would have been more um excited with the 4800

if anyone wants more info let me know

and justin if you don't hear from them and wanted to use mine we might be able to work something out. this unit with reaper would just be sooooo cool with something you wrote for it