View Full Version : only 1/4 cores in use w/ Q6600

08-04-2007, 06:22 PM
Hi Guys,
Sonar user since it's beginning,
just checkin' out the Reaper buzz, and boy am I impressed!

I just installed Reaper today, and started playing with it.

So far I think it's incredible! I'm blown away by everything!
Everything is just like I would want it to be! hehe

Hope to buy me a copy tonight,
first I am just puttin' 'er through the ringer..

I've looked up and down this forum,
but can find a solution to the only problem I'm having.

I just can't get this baby to use more than one core,
no matter what.

I've played around in Audio Buffering,
and Advanced UI / sys. tweaks to no avail.

Affinity is on all four cores in XP too.

Using Intel Q6600 XP SP2 and FF400

Any help would be sweet!
Thx, Tomek.

problem solved by creating a new project after
toggling the core settings. back to playing around some more!

Dang, back to one core :( hehe

Bastiaan M
08-05-2007, 05:30 AM
Isnt there a setting in the settings to tell Reaper wether or not to use multiple cores?