View Full Version : MP3 files no longer recognized

08-20-2007, 04:58 AM
As I learn reaper I'm finding many new things which are exciting. However, I'm panicking right now, because all my "normalized" files are no longer recognized.
I noticed some of my files were very low in volune, so I went into edit, normalized and applied them to raise the volume. After normalizing, it would ask for a new name, so I would simply type in the old name and put an N next too it.....like reaper music file N.mp3

I would listen to it and it would sound great, so I deleted the original low file. When I came back to it later and checked the reaper recent projects and in my mp3 files, all of the "normalized" files will not play, either in reaper, my mp3 file folder or through media player. It says it is unable to open, that it has an unknown extension.

I didn't do anything except normalize it, which it did correctly, and then save it with a new file name.

What have I screw up? Anybody?

Thanks, Mitch

Alistair S
08-20-2007, 07:33 AM
Do you work in mp3 format? What does it say the recording format is in Project Settings (File/Project Settings)?

I'm just wondering whether these are more standard .wav files that you have given the wrong extension to?

Try changing the extension to .wav and see if that helps.