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Jason Brian Merrill
08-20-2007, 03:19 PM
ok, im doing a cover song that im getting passionate about, and although i will likely butcher it (its pretty hard vocally imo) I want to deconstruct the song into a somewhat rhythmically weaker, more melodic version of it, featuring acoustic instruments.

so i was wondering if someone could do a piano solo for it. Something crazy and out there, but retaining a sense of cohesion.
Acoustic piano only, and if you are playing into a vsti, a rendered 24 bit wav and a midi file would be great. If you dont have the connection for it, 16 bit may do it. even if not then, ill accept flac of course. midi files only even if you really have to. anything!

Im looking for a dark sound... if you listen to the original i posted, its really messed up... and its actually a precedent since the person who wrote the song is a one man band, and he had a guest guitarist... so this is almost similar, no?

anyway, don't mind the files, its just showing the basic idea, nothing fancy recorded wise yet. Its actually a loop i made, you can hear the hihat track in the background cause i recorded it with an audix i5 whilst sitting in front of the pc with the monitors blaring.

and as far as the drums well, im working on my laptop so limited hdd space/speed and RAM 512 forces me to use battery with a very small kit loaded. But its the basic idea...

and something free of course, sorry :) all i can give is a hug and thanks...

my track, in wav format (http://jasonbrianmerrill.silverlogix.com/music/covers/coverideapianoplease.wav)

my track, in compressed ogg format (http://jasonbrianmerrill.silverlogix.com/music/covers/coverideapianoplease.ogg)

the original track (10 points to who guesses it) (http://jasonbrianmerrill.silverlogix.com/music/covers/coverideaoriginal.ogg)

note: it doesnt have to copy the guitar solo in the original... just the same "out there" feel... and incorporating some themes from the original is bonus :)

if no one here can do it, i have a friend who is a trained classical pianist, but I collaborate with him often, and would like to be able to do something over the net anyway :)

08-22-2007, 10:18 AM
Jason, hi!
I have a smart Upright Piano.
For creation the crazy piano solo with retaining a sense of cohesion is necessary the full version of song with vocal .
It can be a demo version. It is convenient for understanding the style and character of your song.