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08-21-2007, 09:23 AM
I'm new to Reaper. (about 3 weeks), so I'll ask this here first.

I've been playing with a few demos the past few weeks, and have one demo that has 25 tracks. I've loaded some of them down with plug-ins (one of my vocal tracks has at least 7 FX on it) and my machine has been performing fine.

Dell Dual Core @ 2.16 gHz Laptop
2 Gigs RAM
100 GB HDD
Windows Server 2003 OS

Yesterday, I got my MOTU 828 that I ordered off of eBay in the mail. (YEAH). I loaded up the drivers (as it told me) and plugged it in. I recorded a few tracks, and it sounds great. Now, when I go to playback, my performance sucks. It cracks, stops, you name it. I'm using ASIO for the interface. I've just downloaded ASIO4ALL and am routing my SigmaTel (yeah, I know), drivers through it. Still no dice.

Why would installing these drivers effect performance so much? It shouldn't. Everything was fine before. I (obviously) want to use the MOTU, and my system is beefy enough that it shouldn't squawk over this at all.

Any thoughts?


08-21-2007, 11:19 AM
The asio drivers for the 828 arent working well? Or are you using some other drivers?

08-21-2007, 11:59 AM
He says he's tried with the motu drivers and asio4all.

Definitely use the motu drivers over asio4all. Did you check for driver updates from motu (your box might be oldish)?

What latency settings are you using? Have you tried different ones (really short, really long)?

08-21-2007, 12:15 PM

Thanks for the replies. The 828 drivers are fine. However, I loaded up the project at work this morning to show it to a co-worker, and switched back to the "default" system drivers, and it's all screwed up now.

I'm going to try updating those and see what happens..