View Full Version : Justin can i send you the M24?

08-27-2007, 07:10 AM
Hi Justin

i just built a new PC (still having some issues there) and am moving everything over to it, sort of starting fresh. i have the mixed logic M24 controller and kevin (m24 support guy) said they talked to someone at cockos and that the baby hui mode should work with reaper, albeit with some limitations, thats fine cause i don't need tons of in depth plug in support etc. however iwhen i plugged the 6 midi cables in/out to my motu 128 and set it up in reaper i could not get it to work at all. and i do have some expereince with control surfaces and reaper, having used an MCU and 2 XT's without problem

so since i spent this much money on the M24 i would like to get it to work with reaper if possible, if not i will have to stick with sonar where it does work well.

i know reaper is new and Mixed logic has no template for it and if they won't send you one i woul be willing to send you mine, and pay for the shipping etc. i still have the boxes, packing stuff etc.

anyway if its something you would be interested in let me know, and if not and that is asking to much thats cool to. you had said if they sent you one you would code it and i am just offering mine in case they don't

its a great controller and would be incredible with reaper, but totally up to you



08-27-2007, 08:07 AM
Ok, Kevin said to make sure in host select its option #3 which you seem to have already done, and save it.

He also said to start with just 1 in and 1 out at first to get it started...

Is reaper not seeing it in the controller devices at all?

Im so excited to get this going I could barf :)

08-27-2007, 10:11 AM
Hey pipe

this M24 is soooooooooo cool, and this is not a sales pitch

i did do the option 3 but i did it will all the cables. i need to try it again with just the one pair i have in now for sonar thru the RME FF 800 midi in and out.

i will try tonight

when i had it set up with option 3 or baby hui mode some things came to lif, some of the lights went on but no faders worked and i really couldn't get anything to go.

i really need to try it some more and see what i can do now that i am more familiar with the M24

GREAT CONTROLLER! now i need the trim pieces :)

08-27-2007, 10:47 AM
hi trock,

PM me and we can look at borrowing it.. though timing that might be a little tough but we can sort it out if need be ;)