View Full Version : "open with" .PSS files issue

05-11-2013, 12:02 AM
I have assigned the .PSS extension to PathSync in the Windows "Open with" menu

now I'd expect that double clicking on a .PSS file would lauch PathSync and load that .PSS setting in its interface.

instead PathSync doesn't start and a dialog windows shows up with this message:

PathSync Usage
pathsync [-loadpss <filename> [-autorun]]

if I click OK the window is closed and nothing happens.

am I doing something wrong? what should I do to achieve what I'm looking for?

05-18-2013, 11:48 PM
If i drag and drop .PSS files into PathSync GUI the settings are correctly loaded into the corrensponding fields.

I think the same thing should happen with double-click on a .PSS file after assigning that file extension to PathSync.

any ideas guys how to accomplish that?

06-24-2013, 11:27 AM
more than 500 views and not a single reply... please somebody tell me how to fix this .PSS extension issue...