View Full Version : Odd Combinations

09-02-2007, 10:04 AM
This is just a single data point. I don't really expect any insight, but someone may have a similar experience.

I can use Reaper (v1.888) for hours, recording, importing MIDI, adding VST/VSTi things, rendering...with no problems. I can use Kontakt 2 with no problems as a standalone program, doing instrument edits, auditioning sounds....

When I try to use Kontakt 2 as a VSTi in Reaper, I get blue screen system crashes that point at my Tascam US-122 driver. I had never previously had a 'bsod' on this machine. Oddly, I got that same result this morning trying out the Jamstix 2 demo in Reaper.

In the normal cases, I use the sfz soundfont player, any number of free synths, and Classic/Modern/Rea effects without crashing. [SHRUG]

(2GB AMD 3500+, FWIW.)