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09-09-2007, 08:17 PM
I've just finished a mix on a song, and I need some feedback.

It's acoustic guitar and female vocal, with a little lap steel. But my main concern, apart from general balance (as always), is where the bass (fretless) comes in just after half way through. It's very bassy, and my concern is that it might be too much to reproduce well on some speakers. I'm hearing it here through my monitors (Beh Truth), and can't play it on any other speakers to check.

Link: http://metropolisink.com/files/love.mp3

The lyrics, if anyone's interested, are from a poem by the old Persian poet, Rumi.

09-10-2007, 12:44 AM

Listened to the song on simple pc speakers and the bass is definitely audible, but a bit too strong in the lowest frequencies I think.
Because of that it sounds a bit detatched from the rest of the ( more acoustic/intimate sounding ) recording.
Backing off the lowest frequencies a bit might be enough to do the trick.

But this is of course a very subjective opinion, it might just be how you wanted it.

Best advice would be to listen to it on different speakers yourself, I know you wrote you couldn't, but it's really the best and only way to check if you're satisfied with your mix.


09-10-2007, 01:46 PM
i think the voice is a bit bassy - especially in the beginning. and a tiny bit to reverbed for my taste.

the guitar is fine. natural, nice, clean and well played!

the fretless sounds nice, but needs some low end reduction. actually i was thinking it's the sudden low-end-impact that is confusing. maybe turn down the volume in the beginning (significantly) and slowly fade it up to a little less than now. that should do the trick!

i like the moment when the hawaii guitars (are they?) set in. i had this idea: maybe mute your original guitar for exactly the first three 8ths (or a bar?). makes the impact even stronger and really kicks when the guitar comes back. maybe boost the first stroke of the guitar when it comes back?

09-10-2007, 03:25 PM
Thanks guys, I think you were both right about the bass having too much low end.

I EQed some lows out, and it sits better, with still enough bass to satisfy me. I'm definitely after a low, swampy bass for that bit. I turned it down a bit when it comes in, like you suggested, Till, and that worked too, I think. The bass in question is an old 70's violin-shaped Univox fretless, and it can deliver low end in bucketloads. Even the first version you heard had had some bottoms EQed out.

Good point on the vocals, as well. I took a little low end off her voice, and that was better as well. Maybe it's because I have a long history as a bass player that I tend to like hearing the bass in everything.

I like the idea about muting the guitar when the lap steels come in, and I can hear in my head what you're suggesting Till (and it sounds good!), but the problem there is that there's enough guitar bleed on the vocal track so that when I tried it, it just sounds like the guitar has been turned down, rather than muted, so the desired effect wasn't there.

I've uploaded a new version, if you interested:


Thanks guys, you've helped.

09-14-2007, 08:36 AM
very nicely played. acoustic is WONDERFUL! and that lap steel is to die for! great job! i'd add more lap steel! ...lol...

i listened through a pair of sennheiser phones and a cheap pair of DELL pc speakers (i have behringer truth monitors too..). could definitely "feel" the lower frequencies hit when that bass comes in. when i get that much bass in the phones usually means a roll-off or cut should probably occur somewhere down in the nether regions. the pc speakers weren't too bad ( have woofer too ) but i think a slight cut would add some clarity. was the bass a "stand-up"? that would be cool.

other than that - i might experiment by pulling the female's voice out front a little more. like no or very little verb kinda of thing. just an idea for efx - it's completely audible, but might add something different. purely personal taste here.

great job!

09-14-2007, 10:02 AM
the problem there is that there's enough guitar bleed on the vocal track so that when I tried it, it just sounds like the guitar has been turned down, rather than muted, so the desired effect wasn't there.

um... mute vocal track? there's no vocals in the spot i'm talking about.

i'll show you what i mean:


just more naturally sounding :D