View Full Version : New single - Haunted by You

11-13-2014, 10:39 AM
New single out today. Full album 'The Island of the Dolls' out later this month.

This is the most straight rock sounding thing I've shared here. Guitar, Bass, Drums. No accordion or other overt weirdness.

The song is about losing a very specific “feel” of a person when they die. It may be a spirit of mischief, quiet grace, or even a holiness. I sometimes try to look for it in old photos or the effects people have left behind.



All done in Reaper. Guitar - Reverend Buckshot into a Quilter Aviator (rhythm) and Pro Junior (solo). Bass - a Spector fretless. Drums - Pearl and Pork Pie. Guitar solo effects were a Zoom MS50g. Reverb - Valhalla or small room IRs. Most plugs (comps, EQs) Reaper, ToneBoosters, or Variety of Sound.