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12-02-2014, 07:17 AM
we have three songs and this is the first one..here--- Ihave been making NOW music for a bit and uploading this is my first f2f collaboration.

I mixed this with reaper the midi,,, mmm my band mate is a bit put off by the MIDI issues with his moxf6 yamaha so that might take some convincing to get him to do... you know it was like pulling teeth with him to get an email account but his counterpoint improvisations are solid and on point,,

this is a link to the songs.. site

and here just right click and save the download if you want to just get the song on your computer and such... :)
^direct download link..

12-02-2014, 01:43 PM
Thanks listeners,.. If you feel like,.. Adding or working on line with any of these sounds I invite you sample create and post the results, here in this thread and or anywhere else you like, if you want me to hear what you have done/altered from these songs post here and I will listen,.

Any comments please just ask,

The songs are so basic just. C-F-G-F-C you know these progressions are like the stuff I was doing in 3rd grade,.. When I played boogie woogie songs on the piano -it must have been 1972 or such, things haven't changed much with chord progressions ,..

So yeah today is my birthday and I have insane posts to reply to on fb but I am doing what? marketing here if I can call this that?

^playlist for all three songs we put together with youtubes on each songs page,..

Peace Out
Bill and Wayne