View Full Version : My OSC entry for Ragnarok

Dr Bob
12-10-2014, 10:31 AM
Here's my latest entry for the KVR One Synth competition using only sounds made by the latest version of the synth Ragnarok recently announced on the Reaper main discussion board.


Made with REAPER of course and only free plugins (so no Valhalla Room or Waves L3 etc etc!). A full list of the plugins used is in the entry description for those who may be interested.



Dr Bob
12-12-2014, 10:04 AM
The final track used 27 instances of Ragnarok on 27 REAPER tracks, 16 were used to create the percussion sounds. The perc sounds were then sent to a drum buss and a cymbals buss for easier control of the levels of the different elements. The bussed sounds then went to a percussion reverb buss to add that room quality in. The bass track was doubled and the second track transposed 2 octaves and put onto a different instrument to help fill the mid range - not an obvious one until you mute it out - it does help in my opinion!

Yes, the percs could be further worked on - but like everything at this time of year, time is of the essence.

Final bit was a BootEQMkII on the master track for a general EQ tweak, and Limiter No.6 for final compression/limiting and peak control.

Oh yes, of course all tracks had ReaEQ on them - one of the best surgical EQ's in the free/DAW-based toolboxes.

Please feel free to comment on the Soundcloud track, and remember that Soundcloud transcodes on upload, and certainly squashes the dynamics on mine (you can D/L the track as a 320kbps mp3 for better reproduction if you wish)

The track is of course in the footsteps of other "classic" drBob OSC's - bucking the EDM/ambient styles - ho ho ho and Merry Xmas/Holidays to everyone.

Would be nice to hear from some fellow REAPERites - whether you like it or hate it.