View Full Version : "Rauf Und Runter" - Machine Funk

12-23-2014, 03:25 AM
Hey guys,

here is some machine Funk I am currently working on. I listened way too much Boo Williams and other old stuff the last days.

Anyways, everything is done inside Reaper. And a big shout out and thank you to all the devs out there especially those who started and enhanced the MEGA SEQUENCER BABY (used for drums) and ARP!0. You guys rock.

Synths I used: Cableguys Curve 2.5 (oh boy, the new Sallen Key filter rocks) for the juicy Bass arp and the jumping Triangle arp lead thingy. The very thin stereo arp pad thingy playing in the background is Meldas MPowersynth (all triggered by arp!0)

Drums are xoxos BONG & Star Cym 2 (triggered by Mega Seq Baby)

FX used: TDR Feedbackcompressor II, TalReverb II, CSR Plate, CSR Hall, VOS Nasty DLA MKII, VOS Prefix, VOS Thrillseeker VBC, VOS TDR Slick EQ, IK Multimedia Linearphase EQ on Master, IK Multimedia Classic Multibanlimiter (drumbus), IK Multimedia Classic EQ, IK Multimedia Classic Clipper, Maxwell beta 0.92 on Master, Signaldusts DustEQ and probably some more.