View Full Version : Do You Remember(love is what we are)

01-02-2015, 01:54 PM
So this track came to be when I heard this young lady singing to her son. I recorded her on my phone while she was putting the little guy to bed. Then came up with bass line, fudged the vocal a little to fit, through down some guitars. Then sent it to her...she was very surprized as she was unaware I had recorded her. Got her over to record some new vocal tracks and had fun with it. This is still fairly rough but want to share it and hopefully receive some helpful critisism back to aid in improving this little ditty. The music I posted I while back as (sailing the rings of saturn)I also posted previously regarding this vocal asking for assistence with using the vocal in other musical styles. There were a few that offered their talents and time and have sent me some really great work. I will be adding those to the post soon for comparison and enjoyment. I thank you (you know who you are) again for the help. Exciting possibilities of things to come !!!

Thanks BCF1