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02-08-2015, 08:30 PM
To all,
I've used MANY sync programs in a failed attempt to backup some files to the "cloud." Appears there is no silver lining for my situation though I find it VERY difficult no one else has the same problem?

1. Using: Online Storage (very cheap godaddy online backup solution for 100GB 2.25/mo US. It can use ftp / or a mapped drive app OR / DAV
a. using my "purchased" program ALLwaysync to:
1. ftp or
2. DAV folder access or
3. Go daddy's "mapped" drive tool (which comes from onlinefilefolder.com tool section)
b. using WinSCP in sync mode to
1. ftp access
c. with either program, with any type of access the files are placed into the online storage with the upload time and date AND all other date information is stripped (such as created date and last accessed date)
2. Using: DROPBOX cloud
a. again like #1c all date information becomes the upload time and date.
3. SO.......
When you go to sync with your program, AllwaySync, WinSCP or (the other 3 tools I've tried)
a. It wants to either: Copy all of the files from DropBox/OnlineFilefolder.com back to the local hard drive because their dates are newer (makes sense - but it's wrong)
b. Utilizing your program in "mirror mode" left to right - it continualy wants to copy the source files from local folder to remote folder if I don't "ignore date".
4. am I just way off base or is this not a fundamental problem that should break ALL sync programs because of the way cloud/ftp handle date information? Why isn't (aren't) there other people complaining about this?
5. Not an ideal work around:
Ignore the date????
1. When I work on office files at home and want to upload to remote then try to download them at work - the sync program gets confused because the dates are not preserved and wants to simply copy thousands of files from local->remote or more (in)correctly from remote to local because when I uploaded at work the new date time stamps make it seem the files are newer even though they are identical.....


02-13-2015, 12:24 AM