View Full Version : New Song - Double Naught

03-23-2016, 03:25 PM
So I decided to record something using mostly acoustic instruments. The
first track I laid down was a rhythm guitar part using my 1933 Gibson
L-00 acoustic. After that, I grabbed my banjo and added a banjo solo at
the front section, then I added a mandolin track that comes in after the
banjo solo and initially plays backing chords, but then plays a solo at
the end of the song. After that I grabbed the "Double Naught" again and
added a guitar solo over the guitar and mandolin chord section.

Lastly I added an electric bass and a custom set of Superior Drums I made
just for this song. It only has kick, snare, and one cymbal played with a
set of Hot Rods, which gets an almost brush sound, but with more definition.

I call this one "Double Naught" since that was the catalyst instrument.