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04-29-2016, 11:39 AM
Hey all. We've been at it again recording another EP with our brand of crossover/thrash. This track is called "Danger in Blue".


This was a first pass at a full mix, still not complete but I wanted to get some first impressions. This is the first time we've gone "completely digital" for a recording. We used an Alesis electronic kit hooked up to EZ Drummer 2, some Line6 distortion on the guitars direct in with amp modelling, direct in bass using a DI splitter for clean and sansamp overdrive, and SM57 mics for vocals.

Let me know what you think!

04-29-2016, 03:00 PM
Sounds a bit rough, not bad but not quite as profession as it could be IMO(Just my opinion, which I normally don't provide but, what the hell... it's a Friday).

1. The "lead" guitar sounds a bit thin and weak. It needs to be brought up and to be given a bit of space in the mix(EQ).
2. The rhythm guitars are not bad but I think adding a slight crispness as they have a bit roundness to the attack. An exciter might do the trick, some EQ up above 8k or multiband compressor.
3. The pan effect is very annoying. The gradual pan is a bit too disorienting to me. I'd have it come in panned immediately. Alternatively, Allow the preceding rhythm guitar to ring out in the center while the rawer rhythm guitar pans. Or add some balancing instrument/sounds to the other side. It sounds as if you just post-panned... and all the room goes to the left. Try adding a stereo verb afterwards to keep a sense of stereo feel rather than a hard panned mono signal.

4. The vocals are way to weak for the aggressive nature of the song. Partly due to the level(bring them up a little(a subtle 1db won't hurt the mix) and partly the way they are sung(I'm not talking about intensity but timbre, usually a more growly nature for this style). Putting a saturation/distortion type of effect on them to make them more aggressive sounding would probably help.

Basically it sounds like a decent rough mix but not perfected. It has some nice things about it and some things that are ok. Nothing bad except maybe the pan effect.

A bit of EQing, some multiband compression, and a few tweaks of the levels should help. It's not much but the last few percent are the hardest to get and what separates the amateurs from the "pros".

05-02-2016, 08:04 AM
Thanks for the suggestions! I wouldn't think to add distortion to vocals but it may work to blend everything better. We've just tracked some guest vocals with a local NY hardcore legend, so we'll be mixing more very soon.