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06-28-2016, 11:24 PM

I havenít been around here much lately as Iíve been doing a lot of music. One thing Iíve been working on is my metal project, Rusted Earth. This album is influenced by post-apocalyptic themes and musically, it is a mix of black metal, heavy metal, rock and maybe some post-metal. Itís a style that I love and have been listening to for around 20 years. On future releases, Rusted Earth is not going to have too many restrictions on its style, apart from the fact that the core sound will contain metal. For this release, I made a conscious decision to trim the fat. Youíll notice that the tracks are quite short for this style and thatís because I wanted to have no filler at all. Well at least I donít think there is.

Iíve released the 6 track, 23 minute mini album/ep on bandcamp. I was planning on releasing a full length, but Iíve hurt my back and canít play the guitar at the moment. I still plan on putting out a full length hopefully later this year. The ep can be listened to and or/purchased here:https://rustedearth.bandcamp.com/releases. It is available as Name Your Price.

A bit of a rundown for those looking for a quick listen.

Silence - Medium to fast paced. Second half is faster.

Outsider - The most rock influenced of all the tracks.

Darkness - One of the slower tracks.

Storm - By far the fastest track.

Shards - Starts slowly, has a mid section that gradually builds and then comes the speed.

Control - Generally mid paced, but with quite a few different sections.

It's also on http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_music.cfm?bandID=1401467 if anybody uses that.

Thanks for listening.

07-27-2016, 05:41 PM

As nobody replied to the original post, I thought I'd put this new track in this thread.

This one doesn't have any screamy vocals as it doesn't and will not have vocals. It will be part of a future full length album. Any opinions welcome.




07-27-2016, 06:37 PM
Listened to the tracks on the first album.

Tight performances. Was this all done live using takes or did you do some alignment/correction? Sliding stuff into place is cool (I do it all the time). Just wondering if you pull off these fast tight licks. In particular, I am wondering mostly about blast type stuff that you are getting into with Storm.

Shards appeals to me the most after a listen to everything. It seems to have the most contrast in textures from section to section. Outsider too. The compositions become much more engaging to me when there is a significant change up between sections because this style (generally) seems to be pretty relentless. In these tracks, I can hear a departure from most of what I am familiar with in this genre and I appreciate that you are going outside what is "expected".

I'm getting the same sense overall amongst the different tracks. I'm finding that the low end is buried under the vocals and the guitars. Not much in the way of bass and/or kick is coming through. There is a lot of air/fizz in the guitars so they tend to get a little fatiguing. Less so on Control. The tones seem darker and less fizzy on that track. Sits better for me.

I'm curious how one conditions the vocal cords to be able to sing in this way. Is it a matter of practice and conditioning, or do you end up hurting your throat quite a bit when doing it for long periods of time? My voice gets strained just singing at relaxed conversation levels for extended periods.

Hope is a cool track. The mix sounds to be improved over the album mixes in a couple areas. The levels are more balanced and the low end is much stronger. The guitars are not so fatiguing, but there is still a bit of fizzyness to them. Still, they have a sinister vibe that I like. I also like the eerie keyboard part that is meandering throughout the first half of the tune. Makes me think of classic horror flicks like Halloween or The Hills Have Eyes. The break is welcome. Totally recalibrated my ears, which was a prefect lead in to coming back at me with that slow distinct groove.

Of everything posted here, I like the sounds of Hope the most, both in terms of the songwriting and the mix.

Keep it up man! These tunes sound like they were a lot of fun to work on. Intense tracks.

07-28-2016, 06:38 PM
Although the Black Metal vocals aren't my cup of tea.. the instrumental is great! ;)


07-31-2016, 07:56 AM
In reply to kindafishy:

Thanks a lot for the detailed comments.

I hope I understand what youíre asking here. I play it all live using takes. There are a couple of parts where I have slightly corrected some timing in one section in Storm (the bit just after it is stripped back to bass and drums only) and also in the final section of Shards. There were certainly a lot of takes at times and I record in sections. Keeping time in the blast beat sections can be difficult and what I sometimes do is play the tremolo picking parts over a slightly slower beat and then add the blast beat back in. I donít mean time stretching, I just mean playing very fast over a slower, more defined beat, but a beat where I can more easy detect the timing.

Funny you say that about Shards as others have also mentioned this as a favourite. However, when I made Shards the highlight track on Bandcamp, people started skipping it. When I had the highlight track as Silence or Darkness, people were then continuing on to other tracks too. Possibly the reason Shards sounds different is that the middle section is actually almost all bass. I played the bass part and centred it, then instead of double tracking guitar left and right, I double tracked bass, but ran it though the same amps as the guitar. Then there is tremolo picked guitar over the top of that. Outsider is a track that black metal fans may not really like, but for me it was what naturally followed after Silence. I tried not to think about a style so much when creating the tracks. It was more so by feel. Outsider is certainly not your typical black metal track and isnít really black metal at all, but then hopefully, the ep isnít just typical black metal in general. I like traditional black metal, but I can listen to that any time. I didnít want to put a limit on what I could do with this and itís also why the Rusted Earth lettering is not your typical black metal style either.

I completely get what youíre saying about the low end and the kick, especially the kick. On a track like Outsider, the kick stands out more, but on the fast tracks it sort of becomes a low rumble. It initially started out with overpowering bass, but I cut it back, maybe too much. For me, it probably doesnít sound as bad as Iíve listed to it so much and become accustomed to it. I just look at as being a characteristic of this album. Itís not perfect by any means, but it is what it is now and I can still listen to it and enjoy it. The next release will have a more defined low end as you can probably hear on Hope, but I donít want something pristine. The guitar fizz is intentional. The guitar tone is quite fuzzy in itself, but then I routed it to even more fuzz. I wanted a sort of haze over the guitar tone, but maybe it not a pleasant experience for people other than myself. I personally donít find it fatiguing, but I can understand why someone may not like it. The next release will still have a similar guitar tone, but after that Iím going to try something a little different. How different, I have no idea. Control is actually using exactly same guitar tone, but possibly sounds better to your ears because the track isnít as busy, so thereís less of a build up of fizz.

As for conditioning my vocals, Iíd have to say coffee in the earlier parts of the day and beer if Iím recording in the later parts of the day (after 8am). Really, I donít know what to say here. One thing is that Iím probably not screaming as loudly as you think I am and Iím singing/screaming very much from the throat rather than from deep down. I feel like I am not screaming all that forcefully, though my neighbours are probably the ones to ask as Iím always recording vocals with headphones on. My vocals are running through some distortion to give them a bit more of an edge, but there have certainly been times when Iíve tasted blood and have barely been able to speak the following day. That didnít happen during these sessions though and itís maybe just finding that balance. What I mean by balance is finding a styles thatís sustainable as I have had to stop for a few days during some recordings. I canít really say what Iíve done to make myself be able to do it this time though. I think itís just knowing your limitations and adjusting.

Thanks for kind words regarding Hope. I agree that the low end sounds stronger and I also think the snare sounds a lot snappier too. Iíve got a few other tracks on the go at the moment too, which I think are sounding pretty good. The melody in the first half of the track was something I started singing in the shower. Iím not sure how close it ended up being to the shower version, but Iím glad itís appealing. Itís certainly more appealing than me in the shower anyway.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

Thanks to Hugo too, much appreciated.