View Full Version : Problem with BrainWorx Plugin & Mouse Wheel

John Heritage
08-01-2017, 10:35 AM

I have just purchased Reaper and I am very impressed with this DAW

I am using several plugins from brainworx Digital XL V2 & BX1 and to my amazement when using these plugings I have no mouse wheel control over Reaper ????

I can not Zoom in to my audio file horizontally or vertically or use my mouse wheel on any part of reaper.

If I unload or turn off the plugins I get mouse wheel control back in reaper.

I notice that the mouse wheel control works on the two above plugins when active and not in reaper

It's as if the plugins have a higher priority over reaper for the mouse wheel

Is there any way to get over this issue as it is driving me mad, I would rather not have mouse wheel control on the plugins and in reaper than the way it is at the moment.

Is this a bug in reaper or the plugins

any help will be very much appreciated