View Full Version : Realistic hi-hat midi trigging - Roland TD9

08-16-2017, 09:43 AM

I started messing about with recording my Roland TD9 kit via midi, using MT Power Drum Kit as my trial VST. I got it to work quite nicely after some early troubles, but I'm not satisfied with the hi-hat.

In the VST there are separate triggers for closed, semi-closed and open hi-hat with the pedal serving only as an instrument in itself but not as a means of adjusting the openness of the hi-hat. Which is what I'd like to have.

I read somewhere that Superior Drummer understands many drum modules and their features, but that program is way out of my price range. How about EZ Drummer or something else?

I used to record straight from headphone out into mic in, and while I was quite happy with the sounds the module was producing, it was obviously impossible to adjust volume levels, panning etc. of the individual drums afterwards. So I'm looking for some more editing options, but will I have to sacrifice the hi-hat in the process if I'm not willing to shell out for Superior? The options considered in this discussion about the same problem in Logic (https://discussions.apple.com/thread/1738869?tstart=0) sound very complicated.

08-17-2017, 01:37 AM
The E-Drum support in EZD2 is a vast improvement over earlier versions. I use a Roland TD8 and the hihat sensitivity is much better. The bad news is that our TDs arent provided with the means to trigger half closed too well. Until I started testing SD3 I had seriously considered upgrading to a TD 12/20 hihat setup (ouch! 400) but the latest SD3 really has improved everything MIDI triggering a huge amount.

Forgot to add that I STILL cant reliably get a foot chick or a foot splash but I think that is because my FD8 needs some work doing on getting it triggering right.