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05-07-2020, 01:56 PM
hello all. hopefully, you and your families are finding ways to stay healthy, sane and productive during these challenging times.

i just purchased a "demo" korg nanokontrol studio from sweetwater and have been experiencing some difficulties getting it to properly function with reaper.

there was a former thread that provided me with a small bit of success for keymapping, but there are a number of things that are not performing as they should and i'm curious to know if perhaps this unit is defective, or if there is something else preventing it from working properly.

first, my system is a macbook pro purchased new last year, running catalina 10.15.4 and reaper 6.09 and all the current firmware/software and Kerr's maps have been installed.

oddity #1: each time i restart Korg Kontrol Editor, i see "Untitled*" at the top bar and i need to reopen the original "reaper set..." file or one of the versions i saved previously. Is there some way to make one of these a default setting?

oddity #2: when i press the "play" button on the nanoKontrol, the button works in a momentary fashion. i went into the editor and the button behavior is listed as "toggle". i tried changing it to momentary and back, but it still reacts the same. restarting both the Kontrol and associated software also does not change the result. adding to that, if i press the "record" button, reaper will play and initially start recording, but as soon as i take my finger off of the record button, it is no longer recording, only playing back. again, the "record" button is set to toggle.

oddity #3: all of the mutes, solo and track record buttons act as though they too are set to momentary, yet they are set to toggle in the editor.

oddity #4: despite having my settings as mentioned in part of this thread for the jog wheel, it is not responding to any movement.

thank you to anyone with some answers to this.

05-12-2020, 09:49 AM
I've had a similar experience with the Korg Nano Kontrol 2 but managed to solve it by doing a factory reset and then going through each button/fader in turn and allocating it to Reaper in the Assign list. Tricky part has been to understand the save method.

Save the untitled file as "Reaper Nano Kontrol" then allocate each switch clicking Communication/write scene data each time to activate then save again as "Reaper Nano Kontrol" again.

Loading the Sonar map or the Mackie Surface control make it very glitchy.

I hope that works for you?