View Full Version : Little (personal) feature update

10-24-2006, 11:28 AM

I updated release 0.33 as follows:

- cosmetic: 'maximize' button now available in main window
- problem: FAT vs. NTFS time stamps. Allowed a 2s difference between the files. This workes around when synchronizing to a USB drive. Usually, odd seconds are rounded to the next even second number (not sure if it always rounds up, though), therefore after a successful synchronize, another 'Analyze' would show differences again. I simply adjusted the already existing 1s difference allowance to two seconds.
- cosmetic: the browse button for path 1 and path 2 now automatically select the folder that's entered in the associated path field. I occasionally have to sync folder structures within a close range, so this makes things easier for me, since I don't have to browse the entire path again.

An updated compiled version as well as the new source code are included in the archive. I'm not sure how to handle the version numbering, though, so I left it as '0.33'. If someone can give me a hint how to handle different versions not coming from Cockos, please let me know.