View Full Version : Looking for songs to play bass to

Bass Writer
11-22-2006, 06:31 PM
Hi, My name is kenny and I'm looking for people to jam with.
I'm with a band that's not doing much right now, due to band members out of town for work. It's been hard to find local musicains to jam with, so I decided to try to do it this way.
So if you have music tracks that need a bass track' I would like to give it a try.

11-22-2006, 08:25 PM
over the coming year i will be doing a number of songs needing bass (and drums). if this interests you. pm me.
both are my weakness....i'm a songwriter.
i dont know if this interests you..but...also there is a song called i am the reaper (i wrote it as a way to honor rpr and learn the pkge...you can listen to a rough mix via my motagator sig..)that has been left open for any rpr user to contribute to in any fashion. (all contributions are recognised.)
there is also the full project file posted if you check for the link in this collab forum.
i am currently awaiting a bass track for it from funkster (another rpr user...) but he was kind enough to tell me anyone else can contribute also. and maybe use a combo of bass contributions.
but if your interested i will ask him to confirm his ok.