View Full Version : new version of "I Am The Reaper" song ...common project

12-03-2006, 01:10 PM
funkster has posted a new version of the project files here...
for those unaware or folks new to rpr...this project is open to anyone to contribute to thats a rpr user.
it was produced useing rpr as a bit of fun and to honor this superb software.
add tracks...whatever floats your boat...remix/effects...
an open project to contribute to and just have fun with..or if you would just like to try some reaper features on a project this might interest you if your a new rpr user perhaps.
just download the whole project and do your stuff.
contributors so far are myself, bullshark and funkster.
ps....if the 21 mb project file is too big for you to download....if you just want to jam with the song...or try new ideas...the motagator site in my sig has an mp3 version....
which i'll be updateing with a new mp3 this week with funksters new contributions and mix etc.