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09-06-2009, 06:33 PM
sorry for barrage of questions lately - i promise this is the last one for awhile... ;)

has anybody done this or know how?

ideally i'd like to just bang out a rhythm on the dr-670 and record it in Reaper real-time, one track for each piece of the kit (e.g. kick, snare, hat, etc.). if i can't do that - recording the entire kit on 1 track is ok, but not my ultimate hope for this.

i have an M-AUDIO MIDISPORT Uno MIDI->USB connector from the dr-670 to my PC.

i've loaded the correct drivers from M-AUDIO.

for some reason - i can't get sound in Reaper from the drum machine. There is nothing special under Preferences->Audio Device, and i do have the USB Uno MIDI devices enabled under Preferences->Midi Devices. I've also right-clicked on a new track and select ALL CHANNELS from under "midi input"->USB Uno Midi.

any help would be appreciated.


09-06-2009, 09:19 PM
figured a few things out and now have individual tracks assigned for each of the kits pieces (kick, snare, hat, ect) and levels coming through.

now... unforunately - there appears to be a latency issue. i've heard of this before with midi/usb - but i guess experiencing it first hand now.

anybody have a somewhat easy answer for this? that's probably a million dollar question - but thought i should ask anyway.


09-07-2009, 12:28 AM
well, there a number of different reasons for the latency, the one you can easily do something about is the buffersize.

assuming you use asio-drivers: options -> preferences -> audio -> device -> asio configuration.

try lowering the buffersize as low as it goes and see if that helps. if the sound starts going weird you will need to raise it again to a point where the weirdness stops.

low buffersize = low latency, high cpu-load.
large buffersize = high latency, low cpu-load.

so you will need to experiment to find a reasonable compromise. dont be afraid to adjust your buffer often. really low latencies are only needed when recording...

09-07-2009, 08:13 AM
great, thanks.

09-07-2009, 10:13 AM
quick follow-up in case someone has a similar interest in the future and finds this via SEARCH...

ok - so my latency issues were COMPLETELY resolved by just simply getting off my arse and replacing the cheap, stock VISTA drivers (waveout) with ASIO4ALL V2. two second download, two second change in PREFERENCES->AUDIO DEVICES and worked like a charm. didn't even have to change buffer size (512 samples).

as for hooking up the DR-670 to Reaper - here's a quick rundown:

1. physical connection used M-AUDIO MIDISPORT Uno (midi out of dr-670 to USB in on computer). before physically hooking this up - i went to m-audio.com and downloaded the appropriate drivers for my system, 32bit Vista sp1, and installed.

2. physically connect everything

3. open Reaper. in OPTIONS->PREFERENCES->AUDIO->MIDI DEVICES - you should see options for both IN and OUT for the UNO. they are most likely 'disabled'. right-click both and enable. (*resist the urge to enable the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth, some other posts i read says it may do horrid things to your ASIO drivers.)

4. create a new track (TRACK-> INSERT NEW TRACK). right click on the new track over the 'rec in'. make sure both 'Monitor Input' and 'record:input' are checked. (*very important)

5. next, in that same pop-up menu - find 'midi input' at the bottom. cursor over and you should see an option for 'USB Uno Midi Interface' and under that options for checking a channel. choose 'ALL CHANNELS'. (there might be other ways to do this, but what i'm documenting here is working for me)

6. clieck on the FX of the track, and insert the 'ReaSamplOmatic5000' vsti plug. we want to translate the midi-note to sound. you can use any vsti really - but since we're doing drums here - i chose to use this so i could make use of my Slate drum samples. under the "Mode" pull-down, i had to choose "Sample (ignore midi note)". load any sample (*.wav) you may have a drum. so for example, let's say we're setting up the KICK first. so load a kick sample you might have - or just simply google and find one on the web. once loaded - i also set ATTACK and RELEASE to 0 and unchecked the 'obey note-off messages' at the bottom. allowed the natural decay of the drum (or cymbal) to be heard.

7. ok - here's the tricky part - because we specified 'ALL CHANNELS' for input before - we have to be able to match one pad off the drum machine to one track. i want to control each piece of the kit - not only so i can obviously use a different sample (snare, hi-hat, tom1, tom2, etc), but because than i have complete control over panning, FX (comp, eq, etc). all these things will make the kit, as a whole, sound much better. so in my example, i wanted my kick to be produced when i hit pad-13 on my drummachine. each pad produces a different midi-note (#) - so through trial and error (didn't take much time at all) i simply moved the 'Note End" slider (still in ReaSamplOmatic5000 here...) from left (0) to right (127) until the kick sounded while i was pressing pad-13 repeatedly. So for my kick, it just turned out to be Note End #36. always leave "Note Start" at 0. (btw - there's probably a midi-map over at Boss for this...duh). to prevent other tracks from firing when this pad is hit - i simply made use of another JS plug called JS:MIDI/midi_note_filter and specified a low_note_to_pass of 36 and a high_note_to_pass of 36. voila. simply repeat this for all the other kit pieces you want, arm and record. that's it. you can get really fancy by making use of ambient/room samples - or just leave the kit simple with individual drum samples. don't forget to pan your kit as if you're playing it (or if you like the audience perspective, that way).

again, i'm sure there's a couple different ways to do this, and i probably goof'd something somewhere - but it's working for me and i'm pretty happy. this solution allows me as a drummer to bang out and write a drum part while writing a song and then go back at another date and record the real thing using a mic'd kit.


10-29-2012, 08:28 AM
Your guide was very helpful as I got this to work last night with pretty much the same setup. the only difference is that I'm using addictive drums via custom drum map I made rather than individual samples. Thanks!!!