View Full Version : New Demo - 'Initiation' - Looking for critiques

05-31-2010, 11:53 AM

A few weeks back I had posted some songs I wrote, but had no luck getting feedback. I'm really looking for ways to improve my music; whether it be structure, recording quality, instruments, etc. I don't have vocal tracks yet but feedback on what I have would be very much appreciated!

Here you can find four of my songs, so far:

http://www.tylerperin.com/mymusic/songs (mp3's in this directory)

Justify With Rhythm
Skies Don't Always Change

Thank you, very much, in advance! I really hope you like what you hear

05-31-2010, 03:23 PM
I think there's a lot of potential for great songs, but I need to hear the tracks with vocals. Vocal feel and melody will mean everything to the tracks.

There's a raw, unpolished feel which could be a good thing if the vocals took things in a sort of Rolling Stones/Bruce Springsteen direction (or a more modern equivalent).

Maybe the guitar is a bit loud relative to the drums. I'd like to hear more energy from the drums. Maybe they just need to be louder.

I like the guitar playing which has loads of personality. Sounds like someone playing from the heart instead of a schooled musician, which is a very positive thing.


06-02-2010, 07:31 AM
Stratman's got it right. The guitar parts are creative, sound great, but are not overly complex. Rock the way it is supposed to be. The recording quality is really good in that there is no distortion or annoying room reverb, so you have a good base to build on. No point in talking about mix yet. Add your vocal parts and then tweak the mix to fit around them - not the other way around.

The feel that you are getting is great. I'll be looking forward to seeing how your songs fill out.


06-03-2010, 09:13 AM
Thanks for the replies, guys. I really appreciate you listening and commenting.

Thanks, I will work with the drum levels. They do seem a bit inconsistent and weak now that I listen to it. The drums will definitely need a tweak after vocals... not to mention, everything will need tweaking. As for the vocals, they are on their way... and that mention of The Stones/Springsteen gave me a good idea. Thanks!

"The guitar parts are creative, sound great, but are not overly complex. Rock the way it is supposed to be." - Seriously, I feel honored to receive a comment like this. As well, thanks for the tip to arrange the music around the vocals.

To both of the comments on the guitar parts... they really boosted me. I am not a schooled musician. I quit lessons two months after I started back in grade five. It really means a lot to hear positive comments on the guitar work because I am self taught. I just play what I want to hear, and what I feel fits. And you guys liked it. So that is awesome, thanks.

Every day I'm getting closer to recording these vocals. It's tough when I can't stand hearing myself. I have a few hurdles to get over before these vocals can come off the way they need to.

Cheers, guys. I really appreciate it.