View Full Version : 2 Projects, "Nadir" & "SKAB",

06-17-2010, 03:42 PM
"Nadir" is an experimental, well they both are really, project that takes influences from stoner rock/metal, Post-rock/metal and Industrial.

www.myspace.com/nadir1music Nadir Myspace

www.myspace.com/sonofscum SKAB Myspace

"SKAB" whilst remaining experimental, is set out to create electronic music. Namely, Dubstep being my biggest influence with this project. There's also licks of noise and industrial here and there too.

I've only just started work on the "SKAB" project, so I've only produced two tracks. One of which is a remix from the "Nadir" project.

Anyway, have a listen. Comment. Add. Whatever.


Edit: Bump! New tune on the SKAB project. "The Game". A post-industrial inspired song, main influence being Nine Inch Nails. It's quite repetitive,so I'm aware of this. It's supposed to be. :P Enjoy.