View Full Version : My Remix of "body is boss" [Pop/Rock/Downbeat]

06-26-2010, 08:00 AM
I participate in the Remix contest for the song "body is boss" by 2Raumwohnung, a quite popolar German Pop/Dance Music Duo. They have style and I like to visit their shows, always a lot of postive fun to be had there.

here you can listen to the remix. Due to their regulations I cannot post a direct mp3 link, but the web-player over there is really nice.

I wanted to bring out the pop/rock quality of the song a little more, have a more epic chorus and also let my downbeat/acidhop influences come into play a little bit.
Hopefully I was able to do so to some extent.

This is the contest information page with the original song.

If you feel like sharing your impressions about the remix, please feel free to do so.