View Full Version : nylon string with homemade transducer

06-27-2010, 01:38 PM
hi,looking for imput as to sound quality.I made a couple of soundboard transducers and I'm trying to get it to sound as natural as possible.Thanks for any and all comments.It's at www.soundclick.com/briangibson.The song is Blessed Be The Name.

06-28-2010, 05:49 AM
The guitar has a sweet sound but low frequencies seem a little attenuated. The sound that you are getting now would sit pretty well in a mix with other instruments but is a little thin for a solo instrument. Are you using one of the boundary layer sound board transducers? Maybe just moving the transducer a bit to try to pick up more lows would be worth a try. By the way, your link isn't working properly - may be the reason that no one has commented.


06-28-2010, 11:20 AM
I used 2 transducers.1 was attached in front of the bridge and the other behind the bridge.I'll try placing the one behind the bridge more to the bass side.I made them out of dollar store window alarms.Thanks for letting me know about the link.Here it is. www.soundclick.com/briangibson