View Full Version : can somebody help me with the drums on Roxette - Jefferson

08-11-2010, 11:23 AM
Can somebody help me with the drums on Roxette - Jefferson.
I've tried to program the midi but it just doesn't sound right when I play it with the recording (maybe some off beat stuff I'm not sure). It starts fine and then just goes out of sync at some point. Maybe I've messed up the tempo (67)? I've tried drum triggering (also never than that). But when I tried it nothing really happened and after spending several hours trying to figure out the problem i just decided to quit before my head explodes from frustration.
Here's the song:
If by any chance you've covered it and have the drums or maybe programing some simple midi pattern to go along with the song - I don't think the drumming is that hard on this one it's just I suck that much -_-
Any help or tips well be greatly appreciated!